Sergii Golovynskyi
Sergii Golovynskyi
College of Optoelectronic Engineering, Shenzhen University
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Optical windows for head tissues in near‐infrared and short‐wave infrared regions: Approaching transcranial light applications
S Golovynskyi, I Golovynska, LI Stepanova, OI Datsenko, L Liu, J Qu, ...
Journal of biophotonics 11 (12), e201800141, 2018
A ZnS/CaZnOS Heterojunction for Efficient Mechanical‐to‐Optical Energy Conversion by Conduction Band Offset
D Peng, Y Jiang, B Huang, Y Du, J Zhao, X Zhang, R Ma, S Golovynskyi, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (16), 1907747, 2020
Effect of carrier capture by deep levels on lateral photoconductivity of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot structures
OV Vakulenko, SL Golovynskyi, SV Kondratenko
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (4), 043717, 2011
Photoconductivity spectra of Ge/Si heterostructures with ge QDs
OV Vakulenko, SV Kondratenko, AS Nikolenko, SL Golovinskiy, ...
Nanotechnology 18 (18), 185401, 2007
Control of secondary phases and disorder degree in Cu2ZnSnS4 films by sulfurization at varied subatmospheric pressures
IS Babichuk, MO Semenenko, S Golovynskyi, R Caballero, OI Datsenko, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 200, 109915, 2019
Photoelectric properties of the metamorphic InAs/InGaAs quantum dot structure at room temperature
SL Golovynskyi, L Seravalli, G Trevisi, P Frigeri, E Gombia, OI Dacenko, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (21), 214312, 2015
Secondary phases in Cu2ZnSnS4 films obtained by spray pyrolysis at different substrate temperatures and Cu contents
IS Babichuk, S Golovynskyi, VV Brus, IV Babichuk, O Datsenko, J Li, G Xu, ...
Materials Letters 216, 173-175, 2018
Deep levels in metamorphic InAs/InGaAs quantum dot structures with different composition of the embedding layers
S Golovynskyi, O Datsenko, L Seravalli, O Kozak, G Trevisi, P Frigeri, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 32 (12), 125001, 2017
Comparative study of photoelectric properties of metamorphic InAs/InGaAs and InAs/GaAs quantum dot structures
S Golovynskyi, L Seravalli, O Datsenko, G Trevisi, P Frigeri, E Gombia, ...
Nanoscale research letters 12 (1), 1-10, 2017
Intensity-dependent nonlinearity of the lateral photoconductivity in InGaAs/GaAs dot-chain structures
SL Golovynskyi, OI Dacenko, SV Kondratenko, SR Lavoryk, YI Mazur, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (18), 184303, 2016
Excitation intensity dependence of lateral photocurrent in InGaAs/GaAs dot-chain structures
SL Golovynskyi, YI Mazur, ZM Wang, ME Ware, OV Vakulenko, ...
Physics Letters A 378 (35), 2622-2626, 2014
Photocurrent spectroscopy of indirect transitions in Ge/Si multilayer quantum dots at room temperature
SV Kondratenko, SL Golovinskiy, OV Vakulenko, YN Kozyrev, ...
Surface science 601 (10), L45-L48, 2007
Red and near‐infrared light induces intracellular Ca2+ flux via the activation of glutamate N‐methyl‐D‐aspartate receptors
I Golovynska, S Golovynskyi, YV Stepanov, LV Garmanchuk, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 234 (9), 15989-16002, 2019
Interband photoconductivity of metamorphic InAs/InGaAs quantum dots in the 1.3–1.55-μm window
S Golovynskyi, OI Datsenko, L Seravalli, G Trevisi, P Frigeri, IS Babichuk, ...
Nanoscale research letters 13 (1), 1-9, 2018
High transparent and conductive undoped ZnO thin films deposited by reactive ion-beam sputtering
S Golovynskyi, A Ievtushenko, S Mamykin, M Dusheiko, I Golovynska, ...
Vacuum 153, 204-210, 2018
Effect of interface defect states on photoelectric properties of InxGa1-xAs/GaAs heterostructures with quantum dots
OV Vakulenko, SL Golovynskyi, SV Kondratenko, YI Mazur, ZM Wang, ...
Ukr. J. Phys 56, 940, 2011
Exciton and trion in few-layer MoS2: Thickness-and temperature-dependent photoluminescence
S Golovynskyi, I Irfan, M Bosi, L Seravalli, OI Datsenko, I Golovynska, B Li, ...
Applied Surface Science 515, 146033, 2020
Defect influence on in-plane photocurrent of InAs/InGaAs quantum dot array: long-term electron trapping and Coulomb screening
S Golovynskyi, OI Datsenko, L Seravalli, G Trevisi, P Frigeri, IS Babichuk, ...
Nanotechnology 30 (30), 305701, 2019
Bipolar effects in photovoltage of metamorphic InAs/InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot heterostructures: characterization and design solutions for light-sensitive devices
S Golovynskyi, L Seravalli, O Datsenko, O Kozak, SV Kondratenko, ...
Nanoscale research letters 12 (1), 1-9, 2017
The lateral photoconductivity of Si/Ge structures with quantum dots
SV Kondratenko, SL Golovinskiy, AS Nikolenko, OV Vakulenko
Semiconductor science and technology 21 (7), 857, 2006
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