Greg Gloor
Greg Gloor
Professor and Chair of Biochemistry, University of Western Ontario, Western University
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Stool substitute transplant therapy for the eradication of Clostridium difficile infection: ‘RePOOPulating’ the gut
EO Petrof, GB Gloor, SJ Vanner, SJ Weese, D Carter, MC Daigneault, ...
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Efficient copying of nonhomologous sequences from ectopic sites via P-element-induced gap repair.
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Microbiota restoration: natural and supplemented recovery of human microbial communities
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Type I repressors of P element mobility.
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Microbiome datasets are compositional: and this is not optional
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Mutual information without the influence of phylogeny or entropy dramatically improves residue contact prediction
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Targeted gene replacement in Drosophila via P element-induced gap repair
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The Hsp90 family of proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
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Using information theory to search for co-evolving residues in proteins
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Unifying the analysis of high-throughput sequencing datasets: characterizing RNA-seq, 16S rRNA gene sequencing and selective growth experiments by compositional data analysis
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Microbiome profiling by illumina sequencing of combinatorial sequence-tagged PCR products
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Mutual information in protein multiple sequence alignments reveals two classes of coevolving positions
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Deep sequencing of the vaginal microbiota of women with HIV
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A new genomic blueprint of the human gut microbiota
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Microbiota of human breast tissue
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High throughput sequencing methods and analysis for microbiome research
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Single fly DNA preps for PCR
G Gloor, WR Engels
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Comparative meta-RNA-seq of the vaginal microbiota and differential expression by Lactobacillus iners in health and dysbiosis
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At the crossroads of vaginal health and disease, the genome sequence of Lactobacillus iners AB-1
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Assessment of variation in microbial community amplicon sequencing by the Microbiome Quality Control (MBQC) project consortium
MS Sinha R, Abu-Ali G, Vogtmann E, Fodor AA, Ren B, Amir A, Schwager E ...
Nature Biotechnology 35 (11), 1077-1086, 2017
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