Christina L Ting
Christina L Ting
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A kinetic model for the enzymatic action of cellulase
CL Ting, DE Makarov, ZG Wang
The journal of physical chemistry B 113 (14), 4970-4977, 2009
Minimum energy path to membrane pore formation and rupture
CL Ting, D Appelö, ZG Wang
Physical review letters 106 (16), 168101, 2011
Thermodynamic basis for the genome to capsid charge relationship in viral encapsidation
CL Ting, J Wu, ZG Wang
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (41), 16986-16991, 2011
Structure and dynamics of coarse-grained ionomer melts in an external electric field
CL Ting, MJ Stevens, AL Frischknecht
Macromolecules 48 (3), 809-818, 2015
Interactions of a charged nanoparticle with a lipid membrane: Implications for gene delivery
CL Ting, ZG Wang
Biophysical journal 100 (5), 1288-1297, 2011
Metastable prepores in tension-free lipid bilayers
CL Ting, N Awasthi, M Müller, JS Hub
Physical review letters 120 (12), 128103, 2018
Nucleation in polymers and soft matter
X Xu, CL Ting, I Kusaka, ZG Wang
Annual review of physical chemistry 65, 449-475, 2014
Minimum free energy paths for a nanoparticle crossing the lipid membrane
CL Ting, ZG Wang
Soft Matter 8 (48), 12066-12071, 2012
Compression Analytics for Classification and Anomaly Detection within Network Communication
C Ting, R Field, A Fisher, T Bauer
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 14 (5), 1366-1376, 2019
Nonequilibrium simulations of model ionomers in an oscillating electric field
CL Ting, KE Sorensen-Unruh, MJ Stevens, AL Frischknecht
The Journal of chemical physics 145 (4), 044902, 2016
Membrane stress profiles from self-consistent field theory
CL Ting, M Müller
The Journal of chemical physics 146 (10), 104901, 2017
Orientational control of polymer grafted nanorods
CL Ting, RJ Composto, AL Frischknecht
Macromolecules 49 (3), 1111-1119, 2016
Two-dimensional fluorescence resonance energy transfer as a probe for protein folding: A theoretical study
CL Ting, DE Makarov
The Journal of chemical physics 128 (11), 03B607, 2008
Creative outcome as implausible utility
JY Tsao, CL Ting, CM Johnson
Review of General Psychology 23 (3), 279-292, 2019
Defending our public biological databases as a global critical infrastructure
J Caswell, JD Gans, N Generous, CM Hudson, E Merkley, C Johnson, ...
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 7, 58, 2019
Activated pathways for the directed insertion of patterned nanoparticles into polymer membranes
CL Ting, AL Frischknecht
Soft matter 9 (40), 9615-9623, 2013
Compression-based algorithms for deception detection
CL Ting, AN Fisher, TL Bauer
International Conference on Social Informatics, 257-276, 2017
Generalized Boundary Detection Using Compression-based Analytics
C Ting, R Field, TT Quach, T Bauer
ICASSP 2019 - 2019 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and …, 2019
Electrostatically tuned self-assembly of branched amphiphilic peptides
CL Ting, AL Frischknecht, MJ Stevens, ED Spoerke
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (29), 8624-8630, 2014
Mechanism of Acid-Triggered Cargo Release from Lipid Bilayer-Coated Mesoporous Silica Particles
C Dolstra, T Rinker, S Sankhagowit, S Deng, C Ting, A Dang, T Kuhl, ...
Langmuir, 2019
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