Андрій Коструба | Andriy Kostruba
Андрій Коструба | Andriy Kostruba
Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv
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Influence of size effect and sputtering conditions on the crystallinity and optical properties of ZnO thin films
V Kapustianyk, B Turko, A Kostruba, Z Sofiani, B Derkowska, ...
Optics communications 269 (2), 346-350, 2007
Temperature and pH dual-responsive coatings of oligoperoxide-graft-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide): Wettability, morphology, and protein adsorption
Y Stetsyshyn, J Zemla, О Zolobko, K Fornal, A Budkowski, A Kostruba, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 387 (1), 95-105, 2012
Temperature and pH dual-responsive POEGMA-based coatings for protein adsorption
Y Stetsyshyn, K Fornal, J Raczkowska, J Zemla, A Kostruba, H Ohar, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 411, 247-256, 2013
Surface modification by grafted sensitive polymer brushes: An ellipsometric study of their properties
A Kostruba, M Ohar, B Kulyk, O Zolobko, Y Stetsyshyn
Applied Surface Science 276, 340-346, 2013
Temperature-Controlled Three-Stage Switching of Wetting, Morphology, and Protein Adsorption
Y Stetsyshyn, J Raczkowska, O Lishchynskyi, A Bernasik, A Kostruba, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (13), 12035-12045, 2017
The properties of tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum organic light emitting diode with undoped zinc oxide anode layer
G Luka, P Stakhira, V Cherpak, D Volynyuk, Z Hotra, M Godlewski, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (6), 064518, 2010
Temperature-responsive properties of poly (4-vinylpyridine) coatings: influence of temperature on the wettability, morphology, and protein adsorption
J Raczkowska, Y Stetsyshyn, K Awsiuk, J Zemła, A Kostruba, K Harhay, ...
RSC Advances 6 (90), 87469-87477, 2016
Cholesterol-Based Grafted Polymer Brushes as Alignment Coating with Temperature-Tuned Anchoring for Nematic Liquid Crystals
Y Stetsyshyn, J Raczkowska, A Budkowski, K Awsiuk, A Kostruba, ...
Langmuir 32 (42), 11029-11038, 2016
Synthesis and postpolymerization modification of thermoresponsive coatings based on pentaerythritol monomethacrylate: surface analysis, wettability, and protein adsorption
Y Stetsyshyn, J Raczkowska, A Budkowski, A Kostruba, K Harhay, H Ohar, ...
Langmuir 31 (35), 9675-9683, 2015
Shape-Controlled synthesis of silver nanoparticles in temperature-responsive grafted polymer brushes for optical applications
Y Stetsyshyn, K Awsiuk, V Kusnezh, J Raczkowska, BR Jany, A Kostruba, ...
Applied Surface Science 463, 1124-1133, 2019
Method for determination of the parameters of transparent ultrathin films deposited on transparent substrates under conditions of low optical contrast
A Kostruba, Y Stetsyshyn, R Vlokh
Applied optics 54 (20), 6208-6216, 2015
Multifunctional cholesterol-based peroxide for modification of amino-terminated surfaces: Synthesis, structure and characterization of grafted layer
Y Stetsyshyn, A Kostruba, K Harhay, V Donchak, H Ohar, V Savaryn, ...
Applied Surface Science 347, 299-306, 2015
Kinetics of the formation and structure of oligoperoxide nanolayers and grafted polymer brushes on glass plate surface
A Kostruba, A Zaichenko, N Mitina, K Rayevska, K Hertsyk
Central European Journal of Physics 6 (3), 454-461, 2008
Ellipsometric studies of optical properties of copper doped zinc oxide films on glass substrates
A Kostruba, B Kulyk, B Turko
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 518, 96-100, 2012
Glass transition in temperature-responsive poly (butyl methacrylate) grafted polymer brushes. Impact of thickness and temperature on wetting, morphology, and cell growth
Y Stetsyshyn, J Raczkowska, O Lishchynskyi, K Awsiuk, J Zemla, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 6 (11), 1613-1621, 2018
Optimization of experimental conditions for ellipsometric studies of ultra-thin absorptive films
AM Kostruba
Ukr. j. phys. opt 4 (4), 177-186, 2003
Composition, thickness and properties of grafted copolymer brush coatings determined by ellipsometry: calculation and prediction
A Kostruba, Y Stetsyshyn, S Mayevska, M Yakovlev, P Vankevych, ...
Soft matter 14 (6), 1016-1025, 2018
On the acoustooptic efficiency of Pb2P2Se6 crystals. Acoustic and thermal studies
O Mys, I Martynyuk-Lototska, AM Kostruba, A Grabar, R Vlokh
Ukrainian journal of physical optics, 177-182, 2012
Influence of the graphene substrate on morphology of the gold thin film. Spectroscopic ellipsometry study
AM Kostruba
Applied Surface Science 283, 603-611, 2013
Formation, structure and wettability of fluorescent nanolayers of oligoperoxide europium complexes adsorbed to glass surface
Y Stetsyshyn, A Kostruba, J Jaczewska, A Zaichenko, N Mitina, ...
Thin Solid Films 518 (15), 4318-4321, 2010
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