Aren E. Gerdon
Aren E. Gerdon
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Micromagnetic selection of aptamers in microfluidic channels
X Lou, J Qian, Y Xiao, L Viel, AE Gerdon, ET Lagally, P Atzberger, ...
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Piezoelectric ink jet processing of materials for medicaland biological applications
J Sumerel, J Lewis, A Doraiswamy, LF Deravi, SL Sewell, AE Gerdon, ...
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Detection of proteins in serum by micromagnetic aptamer PCR (MAP) technology
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Electrospray mass spectrometry study of tiopronin monolayer-protected gold nanoclusters
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Controlled delivery of DNA origami on patterned surfaces
AE Gerdon, SS Oh, K Hsieh, Y Ke, H Yan, HT Soh
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Unexpected toxicity of monolayer protected gold clusters eliminated by PEG-thiol place exchange reactions
CA Simpson, BJ Huffman, AE Gerdon, DE Cliffel
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Detection of Ebola virus envelope using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in ELISA, surface plasmon resonance and a quartz crystal microbalance immunosensor
JS Yu, HX Liao, AE Gerdon, B Huffman, RM Scearce, M McAdams, ...
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Hemagglutinin linear epitope presentation on monolayer-protected clusters elicits strong antibody binding
AE Gerdon, DW Wright, DE Cliffel
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Epitope Mapping of the Protective Antigen of B. Anthracis by Using Nanoclusters Presenting Conformational Peptide Epitopes
AE Gerdon, DW Wright, DE Cliffel
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Quartz crystal microbalance analysis of DNA-templated calcium phosphate mineralization
SC Ngourn, HA Butts, AR Petty, JE Anderson, AE Gerdon
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Output analysis of materials inkjet printer
LF Deravi, AE Gerdon, DE Cliffel, DW Wright, JL Sumerel
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Precipitation SELEX: identification of DNA aptamers for calcium phosphate materials synthesis
KR Baillargeon, K Meserve, S Faulkner, S Watson, H Butts, P Deighan, ...
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Quartz crystal microbalance characterization of nanostructure assemblies in biosensing
AE Gerdon, DW Wright, DE Cliffel
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Dynamic interactions of amelogenin with hydroxyapatite surfaces are dependent on protein phosphorylation and solution pH
C Connelly, T Cicuto, J Leavitt, A Petty, A Litman, HC Margolis, ...
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Quartz crystal microbalance with microfluidic multi-stream solution control for mineralization kinetic analysis
G Conklin, SC Ngourn, AE Gerdon
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Biomimetic nanoparticles with polynucleotide and PEG mixed-monolayers enhance calcium phosphate mineralization
KB Vasconcellos, SM McHugh, KJ Dapsis, AR Petty, AE Gerdon
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Connecting Chemistry to Social Justice in a Seminar Course for Chemistry Majors
AE Gerdon
Journal of Chemical Education 97 (12), 4316-4320, 2020
Selected DNA aptamers influence kinetics and morphology in calcium phosphate mineralization
J Shlaferman, A Paige, K Meserve, JA Miech, AE Gerdon
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Selected DNA aptamers as hydroxyapatite affinity reagents
E Duffy, J Florek, S Colon, AE Gerdon
Analytica chimica acta 1110, 115-121, 2020
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