Dr. Prosanta Kumar Khan
Dr. Prosanta Kumar Khan
Professor, Department of Applied Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines
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Two-phase opening of Andaman Sea: a new seismotectonic insight
PK Khan, PP Chakraborty
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Variation in dip-angle of the Indian plate subducting beneath the Burma plate and its tectonic implications
PK Khan
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PP Chakraborty, PK Khan
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PK Khan, PP Chakraborty
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Evaluation of crustal and upper mantle structures using receiver function analysis: ISM broadband observatory data
JR Kayal, VK Srivastava, P Kumar, R Chatterjee, PK Khan
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Visibility graph analysis of the 2003–2012 earthquake sequence in the Kachchh Region of Western India
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Seismic b-value and the assessment of ambient stress in Northeast India
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PK Khan, S Mohanty, M Mohanty
Surveys in geophysics 31 (1), 85, 2010
Lithospheric deformation under pre-and post-seismic stress fields along the Nicobar–Sumatra subduction margin during 2004 Sumatra mega-event and its tectonic implications
PK Khan
Gondwana Research 12 (4), 468-475, 2007
Mapping of b-value beneath the Shillong Plateau
PK Khan
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Stress state, seismicity and subduction geometries of the descending lithosphere below the Hindukush and Pamir
PK Khan
Gondwana Research 6 (4), 867-877, 2003
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HR Wason, ML Sharma, PK Khan, K Kapoor, D Nandini, V Kara
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Bridge pier foundation evaluation using cross-hole seismic tomographic imaging
B Butchibabu, N Sandeep, YV Sivaram, PC Jha, PK Khan
Journal of Applied Geophysics 144, 104-114, 2017
Gravity anomalies, flexure, and deformation of the converging Indian lithosphere in Nepal and Sikkim–Darjeeling Himalayas
MA Ansari, PK Khan, VM Tiwari, J Banerjee
International Journal of Earth Sciences 103 (6), 1681-1697, 2014
Role of unbalanced slab resistive force in the 2004 off Sumatra mega-earthquake (M w> 9.0) event
PK Khan
International Journal of Earth Sciences 100 (7), 1749-1758, 2011
Bearing of plate geometry and rheology on shallow-focus mega-thrust seismicity with special reference to 26 December 2004 Sumatra event
PK Khan, PP Chakraborty
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 34 (3), 480-491, 2009
Ionospheric disturbances triggered by the 25 April, 2015 M7. 8 Gorkha earthquake, Nepal: Constraints from GPS TEC measurements
JK Catherine, DU Maheshwari, VK Gahalaut, PNS Roy, PK Khan, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 133, 80-88, 2017
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