Maitah Mohammed
Maitah Mohammed
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A best-fit routing algorithm for non-redundant communication in large-scale IoT based network
AA AlZubi, M Al-Maitah, A Alarifi
Computer Networks 152, 106-113, 2019
A hybrid approach to call admission control in 5G networks
M Al-Maitah, OO Semenova, AO Semenov, PI Kulakov, VY Kucheruk
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Parallel-hierarchical network as the model of neurocomputing
M Al-Maitah, LI Timchenko, NI Kokriatskaia, SV Nakonechna, ...
Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High …, 2018
Location assisted delay-less service discovery method for IoT environments
A AlZubi, A Alarifi, M Al-Maitah, OA Albasheer
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An optimal storage utilization technique for IoT devices using sequential machine learning
M Al-Maitah, AA AlZubi, A Alarifi
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An optimal sensor placement algorithm (O-SPA) for improving tracking precision of human activity in real-world healthcare systems
Abdulaziz Alarifia Ahmad, Ali AlZubi Mohammed Al-Maitaha, BasilAl-Kasasbeh
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Analysis of computational processes of pyramidal and parallel-hierarchical processing of information
M Al-Maitah, LI Timchenko, NI Kokriatskaia, S Nakonechna, ...
Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High …, 2018
Enhanced Computational Model for Gravitational Search Optimized Echo State Neural Networks Based Oral Cancer Detection
AAAZ 8- Mohammed Al-Ma’aitah
Journal of Medical Systems 42 (205), 2018
An efficiency and algorithm detection for stenography in digital symbols
TA Al Smadi, M Maitah
Int. J. Comput. Netw. Inform. Security 6, 34-38, 2013
Deep brain simulation wearable IoT sensor device based Parkinson Brain disorder detection using heuristic tubu optimized sequence modular neural network
AA AlZubi, A Alarifi, M Al-Maitah
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Voice Quality for Internet Protocol Based on Neural Network Model
H Al-Wahshat, M Al-Maitah, T Al-Smadi
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Scalable User Interface
M Al-Maitah, TA Al Smadi, HQR Al-Zoubi
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology 7 (16 …, 2014
About One way of Encoding Alphanumeric and Symbolic Information
M Al-Maitah
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Intelligent Traffic Engineering in Software-Defined Vehicular Networking Based on Multi-Path Routing
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Analyzing genetic diseases using multimedia processing techniques associative decision tree-based learning and Hopfield dynamic neural networks from medical images
M Al-Maitah
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Artificial intelligent technology for safe driver assistance system
T Al Smadi, M Al-Maitah
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Text analytics for big data using rough–fuzzy soft computing techniques
M Al‐Maitah
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Study of soft-tissues borderline class I malocclusion on tooth extraction and non-extraction process using medical IoT device
A Alarifi, AA AlZubi, M Al-Maitah
Measurement 134, 923-929, 2019
A Study of Measurement of Audience in Social Networks
M Al-Maitah
Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference, 359-368, 2018
Function-based interactive editing of decoration and material properties
SI Vyatkin, ON Romanyuk, M Al-Maitah, OV Romanyuk, LE Nykiforova, ...
Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High …, 2018
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