Ismene Dontas
Ismene Dontas
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The laboratory rat as an animal model for osteoporosis research
PP Lelovas, TT Xanthos, SE Thoma, GP Lyritis, IA Dontas
Comparative medicine 58 (5), 424-430, 2008
Pharmacological aspects and potential new clinical applications of ketamine: reevaluation of an old drug
F Aroni, N Iacovidou, I Dontas, C Pourzitaki, T Xanthos
The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 49 (8), 957-964, 2009
Risk factors and prevention of osteoporosis-related fractures
IA Dontas, CK Yiannakopoulos
J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact 7 (3), 268-272, 2007
Medial necrosis and acute alterations in aortic distensibility following removal of the vasa vasorum of canine ascending aorta
CI Stefanadis, PE Karayannacos, HK Boudoulas, CG Stratos, ...
Cardiovascular research 27 (6), 951-956, 1993
Useful animal models for the research of osteoarthritis
K Lampropoulou-Adamidou, P Lelovas, EV Karadimas, C Liakou, ...
European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology 24 (3), 263-271, 2014
Type 2 diabetes mellitus and fracture risk
AD Dede, S Tournis, I Dontas, G Trovas
Metabolism 63 (12), 1480-1490, 2014
Evaluation of nurses’ and doctors’ knowledge of basic & advanced life support resuscitation guidelines
C Passali, I Pantazopoulos, I Dontas, A Patsaki, D Barouxis, G Troupis, ...
Nurse education in practice 11 (6), 365-369, 2011
Cardiac implications of Lyme disease, diagnosis and therapeutic approach
P Lelovas, I Dontas, E Bassiakou, T Xanthos
International journal of cardiology 129 (1), 15-21, 2008
Rodent models of hepatic ischemia–reperfusion injury: time and percentage-related pathophysiological mechanisms
T Karatzas, AA Neri, ME Baibaki, IA Dontas
Journal of Surgical Research 191 (2), 399-412, 2014
Cross-cultural validation of the Falls Efficacy Scale International (FES-I) in Greek community-dwelling older adults
E Billis, N Strimpakos, E Kapreli, V Sakellari, DA Skelton, I Dontas, ...
Disability and rehabilitation 33 (19-20), 1776-1784, 2011
Cardiopulmonary arrest and resuscitation in Landrace/Large White swine: a research model
T Xanthos, P Lelovas, I Vlachos, N Tsirikos-Karapanos, E Kouskouni, ...
Laboratory Animals 41 (3), 353-362, 2007
Intramuscular administration of estrogen may promote angiogenesis and perfusion in a rabbit model of chronic limb ischemia
ZS Kyriakides, P Petinakis, L Kaklamanis, E Sbarouni, P Karayannakos, ...
Cardiovascular research 49 (3), 626-633, 2001
The effect of heparin upon fibrinopurulent peritonitis in rats.
G Chalkiadakis, A Kostakis, PE Karayannacos, H Giamarellou, I Dontas, ...
Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics 157 (3), 257-260, 1983
Combination pharmacotherapy in the treatment of experimental cardiac arrest
T Xanthos, E Bassiakou, E Koudouna, G Rokas, S Goulas, I Dontas, ...
The American journal of emergency medicine 27 (6), 651-659, 2009
Rehabilitation after falls and fractures
Y Dionyssiotis, IA Dontas, D Economopoulos, GP Lyritis
J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact 8 (3), 244-250, 2008
Baseline hemodynamics in anesthetized Landrace–Large White swine: reference values for research in cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation models
T Xanthos, E Bassiakou, E Koudouna, N Tsirikos-Karapanos, P Lelovas, ...
Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 46 (5), 21-25, 2007
Evaluation of Greek high school teachers' knowledge in basic life support, automated external defibrillation, and foreign body airway obstruction: implications for nursing …
A Patsaki, I Pantazopoulos, I Dontas, C Passali, L Papadimitriou, ...
Journal of Emergency Nursing 38 (2), 176-181, 2012
Volumetric bone mineral density and bone geometry assessed by peripheral quantitative computed tomography in women with differentiated thyroid cancer under TSH suppression
S Tournis, JD Antoniou, CG Liakou, J Christodoulou, E Papakitsou, ...
Clinical endocrinology 82 (2), 197-204, 2015
Relation of soluble RANKL and osteoprotegerin levels in blood and gingival crevicular fluid to the degree of root resorption after orthodontic tooth movement
JB Tyrovola, D Perrea, DJ Halazonetis, I Dontas, IS Vlachos, M Makou
Journal of oral science 52 (2), 299-311, 2010
The role of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in the bone mineral density of Greek postmenopausal women with low calcium intake
MG Stathopoulou, GVZ Dedoussis, G Trovas, EV Theodoraki, A Katsalira, ...
The Journal of nutritional biochemistry 22 (8), 752-757, 2011
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