Dr.-Ing. Rafał Wilk
Dr.-Ing. Rafał Wilk
TOPTICA Photonics AG
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Highly accurate optical material parameter determination with THz time-domain spectroscopy
I Pupeza, R Wilk, M Koch
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Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and imaging of artificial RNA
BM Fischer, M Hoffmann, H Helm, R Wilk, F Rutz, T Kleine-Ostmann, ...
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Optical sampling by laser cavity tuning
T Hochrein, R Wilk, M Mei, R Holzwarth, N Krumbholz, M Koch
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Liquid crystal based electrically switchable Bragg structure for THz waves
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Molecular properties of liquid crystals in the terahertz frequency range
N Vieweg, C Jansen, MK Shakfa, M Scheller, N Krumbholz, R Wilk, ...
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Sub-terahertz on–off switch based on a two-dimensional photonic crystal infiltrated by liquid crystals
Z Ghattan, T Hasek, R Wilk, M Shahabadi, M Koch
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Continuous wave terahertz spectrometer as a noncontact thickness measuring device
R Wilk, F Breitfeld, M Mikulics, M Koch
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Highly accurate THz time-domain spectroscopy of multilayer structures
R Wilk, I Pupeza, R Cernat, M Koch
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High-power monolithic two-mode DFB laser diodes for the generation of THz radiation
A Klehr, J Fricke, A Knauer, G Erbert, M Walther, R Wilk, M Mikulics, ...
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THz spectroscopy of liquid crystals from the CB family
R Wilk, N Vieweg, O Kopschinski, T Hasek, M Koch
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Impact of the contact metallization on the performance of photoconductive THz antennas
N Vieweg, M Mikulics, M Scheller, K Ezdi, R Wilk, HW Hübers, M Koch
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Terahertz spectrometer operation by laser repetition frequency tuning
R Wilk, T Hochrein, M Koch, M Mei, R Holzwarth
JOSA B 28 (4), 592-595, 2011
OSCAT: Novel technique for time-resolved experiments without moveable optical delay lines
R Wilk, T Hochrein, M Koch, M Mei, R Holzwarth
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 32 (5), 596-602, 2011
A novel THz source based on a two-color Nd: LSB microchip-laser and a LT-GaAsSb photomixer
U Willer, R Wilk, W Schippers, S Böttger, D Nodop, T Schossig, W Schade, ...
Applied Physics B 87 (1), 13-16, 2007
A hybrid time-domain model for pulsed terahertz dipole antennas
K Ezdi, B Heinen, C Jördens, N Vieweg, N Krumbholz, R Wilk, M Mikulics, ...
Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid publications 4, 2009
Fiber-coupled THz spectroscopy for monitoring polymeric compounding processes
N Vieweg, N Krumbholz, T Hasek, R Wilk, V Bartels, C Keseberg, ...
Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection V 6616, 66163M, 2007
Terahertz imaging system based on LT-GaAsSb antenna driven by all-semiconductor femtosecond source
KG Wilcox, F Rutz, R Wilk, HD Foreman, JS Roberts, J Sigmund, ...
Electronics Letters 42 (20), 1159-1160, 2006
Terahertz spectroscopy for rubber production testing
O Peters, M Schwerdtfeger, S Wietzke, S Sostmann, R Scheunemann, ...
Polymer Testing 32 (5), 932-936, 2013
Probing noncovalent interactions in biomolecular crystals with terahertz spectroscopy
T Kleine‐Ostmann, R Wilk, F Rutz, M Koch, H Niemann, B Güttler, ...
ChemPhysChem 9 (4), 544-547, 2008
Low temperature grown Be-doped InGaAs/InAlAs photoconductive antennas excited at 1030 nm
RJB Dietz, R Wilk, B Globisch, H Roehle, D Stanze, S Ullrich, ...
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 34 (3-4), 231-237, 2013
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