Dr. Alexander I. Shames
Dr. Alexander I. Shames
PhD, Senior Researcher, in Charge of The Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, Faculty of Natural
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Defects and impurities in nanodiamonds: EPR, NMR and TEM study
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Dual fluorophore–nitroxide probes for analysis of vitamin C in biological liquids
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Factors affecting DNP NMR in polycrystalline diamond samples
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Disorder-induced phase coexistence in bulk doped manganites and its suppression in nanometer-sized crystals: The case of La 0.9 Ca 0.1 Mn O 3
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Spin transition in a manganese (III) porphyrin cation radical, its transformation to a dichloromanganese (IV) porphyrin, and chlorination of hydrocarbons by the latter
L Kaustov, ME Tal, AI Shames, Z Gross
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Efficient solar cells are more stable: the impact of polymer molecular weight on performance of organic photovoltaics
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The 3rd international intercomparison on EPR tooth dosimetry: Part 1, general analysis
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Structural and magnetic resonance study of astralen nanoparticles
AI Shames, EA Katz, AM Panich, D Mogilyansky, E Mogilko, J Grinblat, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 18 (2-3), 505-510, 2009
The effect of Ni doping on the magnetic and transport properties in manganites
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Electron magnetic resonance in La 1− x Ca x MnO 3 (x= 0.18, 0. 2 0, 0. 2 2): Crossing through the boundary between ferromagnetic insulating and metallic ground states
AI Shames, E Rozenberg, G Gorodetsky, YM Mukovskii
Physical Review B 68 (17), 174402, 2003
Paramagnetic defects and exchange coupled spins in pristine ultrananocrystalline diamonds
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Paramagnetic impurities in graphene oxide
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Structure and bonding in fluorinated nanodiamond
AM Panich, HM Vieth, AI Shames, N Froumin, E Ôsawa, A Yao
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (2), 774-782, 2010
Structure and optical properties of C60 thin films
D Faiman, S Goren, EA Katz, M Koltun, N Melnik, A Shames, S Shtutina
Thin solid films 295 (1-2), 283-286, 1997
Method for labeling, verification and/or identifying and device for implementing the method
EI Rapaport, Y Rosenfeld, D Gill, L Goldfeld, A Shames, V Lyandres
US Patent 5,986,550, 1999
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