Floricica Barvinschi
Floricica Barvinschi
Professeur de physique
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3D dynamic mesh numerical model for multi-crystalline silicon furnaces
Y Delannoy, F Barvinschi, T Duffar
Journal of crystal growth 303 (1), 170-174, 2007
Experimental and numerical results in hydrothermal synthesis of CuInS2 compound semiconductor nanocrystals
T Nyari, P Barvinschi, R Baˇieş, P Vlaˇzan, F Barvinschi, I Dékány
Journal of Crystal Growth 275 (1-2), e2383-e2387, 2005
Influence of thermal treatment on the formation of zirconia nanostructured powder by thermal decomposition of different precursors
M Stoia, P Barvinschi, L Barbu-Tudoran, A Negrea, F Barvinschi
Journal of crystal growth 381, 93-99, 2013
Factors affecting the isotherm shape of semi-transparent BaF2 crystals grown by Bridgman method
F Barvinschi, O Bunoiu, I Nicoara, D Nicoara, JL Santailler, T Duffar
Journal of crystal growth 237, 1762-1768, 2002
Pseudo-transient heat transfer in vertical Bridgman crystal growth of semi-transparent materials
F Barvinschi, I Nicoara, JL Santailler, T Duffar
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 6 (6), 691, 1998
Modeling the multi-crystalline silicon ingots solidification process in a vertical square furnace
F Barvinschi, C Stelian, Y Delannoy, N Mangelinck, T Duffar
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced materials 5 (1), 293-300, 2003
Analysis of the factors affecting the interface deflection in the vertical Bridgman configuration
C Stelian, T Duffar, JL Santailler, F Barvinschi, I Nicoara
Crystal Research and Technology: Journal of Experimental and Industrial …, 2001
Modelling of Verneuil process for the sapphire crystal growth
F Barvinschi, JL Santailler, T Duffar, H Le Gal
Journal of crystal growth 198, 239-245, 1999
Heat transfer process during the crystallization of benzil grown by the Bridgman–Stockbarger method
F Barvinschi, A Stanculescu, F Stanculescu
Journal of crystal growth 317 (1), 23-27, 2011
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A Aldea, M Tolea, IV Dinu, G Aldica, S Cagliero, AL Agostino, C Lamberti, ...
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 83, 245317, 2011
Structural and morphologic characterization of zirconia–silica nanocomposites prepared by a modified sol–gel method
M Stoia, P Barvinschi, F Barvinschi
Journal of crystal growth 401, 462-468, 2014
Study of crystal-crucible detachment: GaSb in SiO 2
B Gallien, L Sylla, M Bengulescu, F Barvinschi, T Duffar
CrystEngComm 15 (12), 2329-2336, 2013
Numerical simulation of heat transfer in transparent and semitransparent crystal growth processes
F Barvinschi, T Duffar, JL Santailler
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 2 (4), 327-331, 2000
Coupled heat transfer and fluid dynamics modeling of InSb solidification
P Barvinschi, F Barvinschi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1387 (1), 190-197, 2011
Fizică: elemente fundamentale
M Cristea, F Barvinschi, I Luminosu, D Popov, I Damian, I Zaharie
Timişoara: Editura Politehnica, 2009
Modeling the Solute Segregation in Vertical Bridgman Growth by Using Free‐Surface Technique
C Stelian, JL Plaza, F Barvinschi, T Duffar, JL Santailler, E Dieguez, ...
Crystal Research and Technology: Journal of Experimental and Industrial …, 2001
Thermo-hydrodynamic transient modeling of vertical Bridgman growth
C Steliana, JL Plazab, F Barvinschic, T Duffard, JL Santaillerd, ...
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 2 (5), 481-486, 2000
Modern education on renewable energies by using numerical Finite Element Method of a solar powered Stirling engine with heat transfer simulations
S Ilie, D Toader, F Barvinschi
2016 12th IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications …, 2016
Modelling of the transport processes in Bridgman grown gallium antimonide
JL Plaza, F Barvinschi, E Diéguez
Crystal Research and Technology: Journal of Experimental and Industrial …, 2001
Ecological was tewater cleaning of swine farms using solar energy.
C Sabata, F Barvinschi, A Sabata, I Luminosu, T Jurca
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 12 (3A), 1510-1516, 2011
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