Piotr Czauderna
Piotr Czauderna
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Liver transplantation for hepatoblastoma: results from the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) study SIOPEL‐1 and review of the world experience
JB Otte, J Pritchard, DC Aronson, J Brown, P Czauderna, R Maibach, ...
Pediatric blood & cancer 42 (1), 74-83, 2004
2005 PRETEXT: a revised staging system for primary malignant liver tumours of childhood developed by the SIOPEL group
DJ Roebuck, D Aronson, P Clapuyt, P Czauderna, JV de Goyet, ...
Pediatric radiology 37 (2), 123-132, 2007
Risk-adapted treatment for childhood hepatoblastoma: Final report of the second study of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology—SIOPEL 2
G Perilongo, E Shafford, R Maibach, D Aronson, L Brugières, P Brock, ...
European Journal of Cancer 40 (3), 411-421, 2004
Successful treatment of childhood high-risk hepatoblastoma with dose-intensive multiagent chemotherapy and surgery: final results of the SIOPEL-3HR study
J Zsíros, R Maibach, E Shafford, L Brugieres, P Brock, P Czauderna, ...
J Clin Oncol 28 (15), 2584-2590, 2010
Cisplatin versus cisplatin plus doxorubicin for standard-risk hepatoblastoma
G Perilongo, R Maibach, E Shafford, L Brugieres, P Brock, B Morland, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 361 (17), 1662-1670, 2009
Hepatocellular carcinoma in children: results of the first prospective study of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology group
P Czauderna, G Mackinlay, G Perilongo, J Brown, E Shafford, D Aronson, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 20 (12), 2798-2804, 2002
Surgical view of the treatment of patients with hepatoblastoma: Results from the first prospective trial of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology Liver Tumor Study …
JM Schnater, DC Aronson, J Plaschkes, G Perilongo, J Brown, JB Otte, ...
Cancer 94 (4), 1111-1120, 2002
Hepatoblastoma state of the art: pathology, genetics, risk stratification, and chemotherapy
P Czauderna, D Lopez-Terrada, E Hiyama, B Häberle, MH Malogolowkin, ...
Current opinion in pediatrics 26 (1), 19-28, 2014
Dose-dense cisplatin-based chemotherapy and surgery for children with high-risk hepatoblastoma (SIOPEL-4): a prospective, single-arm, feasibility study
J Zsiros, L Brugieres, P Brock, D Roebuck, R Maibach, A Zimmermann, ...
The lancet oncology 14 (9), 834-842, 2013
Predictive value of the pretreatment extent of disease system in hepatoblastoma: results from the International Society of Pediatric Oncology Liver Tumor Study Group SIOPEL-1 study
DC Aronson, JM Schnater, CR Staalman, GJ Weverling, J Plaschkes, ...
Journal of clinical oncology 23 (6), 1245-1252, 2005
Risk-stratified staging in paediatric hepatoblastoma: a unified analysis from the Children's Hepatic tumors International Collaboration
RL Meyers, R Maibach, E Hiyama, B Häberle, M Krailo, A Rangaswami, ...
The Lancet Oncology 18 (1), 122-131, 2017
Guidelines for surgical treatment of hepatoblastoma in the modern era–recommendations from the Childhood Liver Tumour Strategy Group of the International Society of Paediatric …
P Czauderna, JB Otte, DC Aronson, F Gauthier, G Mackinlay, D Roebuck, ...
European Journal of Cancer 41 (7), 1031-1036, 2005
Towards an international pediatric liver tumor consensus classification: proceedings of the Los Angeles COG liver tumors symposium
D López-Terrada, R Alaggio, MT De Dávila, P Czauderna, E Hiyama, ...
Modern pathology 27 (3), 472-491, 2014
The Children's Hepatic tumors International Collaboration (CHIC): novel global rare tumor database yields new prognostic factors in hepatoblastoma and becomes a research model
P Czauderna, B Haeberle, E Hiyama, A Rangaswami, M Krailo, ...
European Journal of cancer 52, 92-101, 2016
Cultural bias in the AAP’s 2012 technical report and policy statement on male circumcision
M Frisch, Y Aigrain, V Barauskas, R Bjarnason, SA Boddy, P Czauderna, ...
Pediatrics 131 (4), 796-800, 2013
Prognostic stratification for children with hepatoblastoma: the SIOPEL experience
R Maibach, D Roebuck, L Brugieres, M Capra, P Brock, P Dall’Igna, ...
European Journal of cancer 48 (10), 1543-1549, 2012
Sodium thiosulfate for protection from cisplatin-induced hearing loss
PR Brock, R Maibach, M Childs, K Rajput, D Roebuck, MJ Sullivan, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 378 (25), 2376-2385, 2018
2017 PRETEXT: radiologic staging system for primary hepatic malignancies of childhood revised for the Paediatric Hepatic International Tumour Trial (PHITT)
AJ Towbin, RL Meyers, H Woodley, O Miyazaki, CB Weldon, B Morland, ...
Pediatric radiology 48 (4), 536-554, 2018
Adult type vs. childhood hepatocellular carcinoma—are they the same or different lesions? Biology, natural history, prognosis, and treatment
P Czauderna
Medical and pediatric oncology 39 (5), 519-523, 2002
The treatment of hepatoblastoma: Its evolution and the current status as per the SIOPEL trials
DC Aronson, P Czauderna, R Maibach, G Perilongo, B Morland
Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons 19 (4), 201, 2014
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