Stakhiv Petro
Stakhiv Petro
Professor in electrical engineering
Підтверджена електронна адреса в - Домашня сторінка
Application of algorithms of classification for uncertainty reduction
N Shakhovska, M Medykovsky, P Stakhiv
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny 89 (4), 284-286, 2013
Algorithms of parallel calculations in task of tolerance ellipsoidal estimation of interval model parameters
M Dyvak, P Stakhiv, A Pukas
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of sciences. Technical sciences 60 (1), 159-164, 2012
The concept of electronic textbook “Fundamentals of theory of electronic circuits”
Y Bobalo, P Stakhiv, B Mandziy, N Shakhovska, R Holoschuk
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 88 (3a/2012), 16-18, 2012
Features of an eLearning software for teaching and self-studying of electrical engineering
Y Bobalo, P Stakhiv, N Shakhovska
2015 16th International Conference on Computational Problems of Electrical …, 2015
Parallelization of diacoptic methods for multiprocessor computing systems
P Stakhiv, S Rendzinyak, B Krupskyy
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences 51 (4), 381-394, 2003
Simplification of optimization process during mathematical models creation
Y Kozak, B Melnyk, P Stakhiv
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 84, 281-283, 2008
Discrete macromodeling in electrical engineering and related fields
PH Stakhiv, YY Kozak, OP Hoholyuk
monograph: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2014
Discrete mathematical macromodel of electric transmission line
P Stakhiv, Y Kozak, O Hoholyuk
Przegląd elektrotechniczny 89 (4), 272-274, 2013
Design of discrete models of complex dynamic systems based on optimization approach
P Stakhiv, Y Kozak
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on “System modeling Control …, 2005
Macromodelling of Fermentation Process of Municipal Solid OrganicWaste at Biogas Plants on the Acidogenesis Stage
I Hural, M Dyvak, P Stakhiv
Journal of Applied Computer Science 24 (1), 17-35, 2016
Parallelization of calculations using GPU in optimization approach for macromodels construction
P Stakhiv, I Strubytska, Y Kozak
Przegląd elektrotechniczny 88, 7-9, 2012
Algorithm of tolerance identification of" input-output" interval dynamic model
M Dyvak, P Stakhiv, I Kalishchuk
2005 IEEE Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems …, 2005
Mathematical Modeling of transmission line transients in MATLAB/Simulink environment
P Stakhiv, O Hoholyuk
Acta Technica CSAV (Ceskoslovensk Akademie Ved) 49 (1), 89-105, 2004
The study of dynamics of the two-loop arc furnace electric mode ACS on a Simulink-model
O Lozynskyy, Y Paranchuk, P Stakhiv
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 1 (12), 24-27, 2018
Evaluation of functional device suitability considering both random technological deviations of its parameters from their nominal values and the process of components’ aging
Y Bobalo, M Dyvak, S Krepych, P Stakhiv
Przegland Elektrotechniczny, Warszawa, Poland 90 (4), 224-228, 2014
The task of synthesis of analog filter with the specified admissible values of the output characteristics and computing complexity of the methods of their solution
S Krepych, P Stakhiv, M Dyvak, R Shevchuk
The Experience of Designing and Application of CAD Systems in …, 2015
Influence of saturation and skin effect on current harmonic spectrum of asynchronous motor powered by thyristor voltage regulator
P Stakhiv, A Malyar
Proceedings of the IVth International Workshop Computational Problems of …, 2005
Identification of the models" input-output" dynamic systems using interval approach
M Dyvak, P Stakhiv, I Kalishchuk
Bulletin of Ternopil State Technical University 9 (4), 109-117, 2004
Features of electrical power systems modeling with components described by discrete macromodels in ATP environment
PG Stakhiv, E Rosolowski, OP Hoholyuk
Tekhnichna Elektrodynamika, Special Issue «Problems of Present-Day …, 2002
Fault-tolerant control of an induction motor with broken stator electric circuit
M Zagirnyak, A Kalinov, V Melnykov, P Stakhiv
2016 Electric Power Networks (EPNet), 1-6, 2016
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