Alberto Botter
Alberto Botter
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Technology and instrumentation for detection and conditioning of the surface electromyographic signal: state of the art
R Merletti, A Botter, A Troiano, E Merlo, MA Minetto
Clinical biomechanics 24 (2), 122-134, 2009
Atlas of the muscle motor points for the lower limb: implications for electrical stimulation procedures and electrode positioning
A Botter, G Oprandi, F Lanfranco, S Allasia, NA Maffiuletti, MA Minetto
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Experimental analysis of accuracy in the identification of motor unit spike trains from high-density surface EMG
A Holobar, MA Minetto, A Botter, F Negro, D Farina
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Advances in surface EMG: recent progress in detection and processing techniques
R Merletti, M Aventaggiato, A Botter, A Holobar, H Marateb, TMM Vieira
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Detection and conditioning of surface EMG signals
R Merletti, A Botter, U Barone
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Advances in surface EMG: recent progress in clinical research applications
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Origin and development of muscle cramps
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How much does the human medial gastrocnemius muscle contribute to ankle torques outside the sagittal plane?
TMM Vieira, MA Minetto, EF Hodson-Tole, A Botter
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Surface EMG and muscle fatigue: multi-channel approaches to the study of myoelectric manifestations of muscle fatigue
G Marco, B Alberto, V Taian
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Muscle fiber conduction slowing and decreased levels of circulating muscle proteins after short-term dexamethasone administration in healthy subjects
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A modular, smart, and wearable system for high density sEMG detection
GL Cerone, A Botter, M Gazzoni
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 66 (12), 3371-3380, 2019
Muscle fiber conduction velocity is more affected after eccentric than concentric exercise
H Piitulainen, A Botter, R Merletti, J Avela
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Mechanisms of cramp contractions: peripheral or central generation?
MA Minetto, A Holobar, A Botter, R Ravenni, D Farina
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Do muscle fiber conduction slowing and decreased levels of circulating muscle proteins represent sensitive markers of steroid myopathy? A pilot study in Cushing's disease
MA Minetto, F Lanfranco, A Botter, G Motta, G Mengozzi, R Giordano, ...
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Spatial localization of electromyographic amplitude distributions associated to the activation of dorsal forearm muscles
A Gallina, A Botter
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Specificity of surface EMG recordings for gastrocnemius during upright standing
TM Vieira, A Botter, S Muceli, D Farina
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Spatial variation and inconsistency between estimates of onset of muscle activation from EMG and ultrasound
AV Dieterich, A Botter, TM Vieira, A Peolsson, F Petzke, P Davey, D Falla
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Reliability of a novel neurostimulation method to study involuntary muscle phenomena
MA Minetto, A Botter, R Ravenni, R Merletti, D De Grandis
Muscle & Nerve: Official Journal of the American Association of …, 2008
Loss of maximal explosive power of lower limbs after 2 weeks of disuse and incomplete recovery after retraining in older adults
E Rejc, M Floreani, P Taboga, A Botter, L Toniolo, L Cancellara, M Narici, ...
The Journal of physiology 596 (4), 647-665, 2018
Concurrent validity of GPS for deriving mechanical properties of sprint acceleration.
R Nagahara, A Botter, E Rejc, M Koido, T Shimizu, P Samozino, JB Morin
International Journal of Sports Physiology & Performance 12 (1), 2017
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