Kristian Meissner
Kristian Meissner
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Assessing strengths and weaknesses of DNA metabarcoding‐based macroinvertebrate identification for routine stream monitoring
V Elbrecht, EE Vamos, K Meissner, J Aroviita, F Leese
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8 (10), 1265-1275, 2017
Implementation options for DNA-based identification into ecological status assessment under the European Water Framework Directive
D Hering, A Borja, JI Jones, D Pont, P Boets, A Bouchez, K Bruce, ...
Water research 138, 192-205, 2018
Protecting and restoring Europe's waters: An analysis of the future development needs of the Water Framework Directive
L Carvalho, EB Mackay, AC Cardoso, A Baattrup-Pedersen, S Birk, ...
Science of the Total Environment 658, 1228-1238, 2019
How essential biodiversity variables and remote sensing can help national biodiversity monitoring
P Vihervaara, AP Auvinen, L Mononen, M Törmä, P Ahlroth, S Anttila, ...
Global Ecology and Conservation 10, 43-59, 2017
DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe
F Leese, F Altermatt, A Bouchez, T Ekrem, D Hering, K Meissner, ...
Research Ideas and Outcomes 2, e11321, 2016
The role of trout in stream food webs: integrating evidence from field surveys and experiments
K Meissner, T Muotka
Journal of Animal Ecology 75 (2), 421-433, 2006
Why we need sustainable networks bridging countries, disciplines, cultures and generations for aquatic biomonitoring 2.0: a perspective derived from the DNAqua-Net COST action
F Leese, A Bouchez, K Abarenkov, F Altermatt, A Borja, K Bruce, T Ekrem, ...
Advances in ecological research 58, 63-99, 2018
Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones
SD Tiegs, DM Costello, MW Isken, G Woodward, PB McIntyre, ...
Science Advances 5 (1), eaav0486, 2019
Diel feeding periodicity, daily ration and prey selectivity in juvenile brown trout in a subarctic river
P Kreivi, T Muotka, A Huusko, A Mäki‐Petäys, A Huhta, K Meissner
Journal of Fish Biology 55 (3), 553-571, 1999
Classification and retrieval on macroinvertebrate image databases
S Kiranyaz, T Ince, J Pulkkinen, M Gabbouj, J Ärje, S Kärkkäinen, ...
Computers in biology and medicine 41 (7), 463-472, 2011
Policy-driven monitoring and evaluation: Does it support adaptive management of socio-ecological systems?
KA Waylen, KL Blackstock, FJ Van Hulst, C Damian, F Horváth, ...
Science of the total environment 662, 373-384, 2019
Species turnover in lake littorals: spatial and temporal variation of benthic macroinvertebrate diversity and community composition
H Suurkuukka, KK Meissner, T Muotka
Diversity and Distributions 18 (9), 931-941, 2012
Deep learning and computer vision will transform entomology
TT Høye, J Ärje, K Bjerge, OLP Hansen, A Iosifidis, F Leese, HMR Mann, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (2), 2021
Advancing the use of molecular methods for routine freshwater macroinvertebrate biomonitoring–the need for calibration experiments
RC Blackman, E Mächler, F Altermatt, A Arnold, P Beja, P Boets, B Egeter, ...
Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 3, 49-57, 2019
Evaluating the performance of artificial neural networks for the classification of freshwater benthic macroinvertebrates
H Joutsijoki, K Meissner, M Gabbouj, S Kiranyaz, J Raitoharju, J Ärje, ...
Ecological informatics 20, 1-12, 2014
Network of evolutionary binary classifiers for classification and retrieval in macroinvertebrate databases
S Kiranyaz, M Gabbouj, J Pulkkinen, T Ince, K Meissner
2010 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2257-2260, 2010
Automatic image‐based identification and biomass estimation of invertebrates
J Ärje, C Melvad, MR Jeppesen, SA Madsen, J Raitoharju, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 11 (8), 922-931, 2020
Multiple order gradient feature for macro-invertebrate identification using support vector machines
V Tirronen, A Caponio, T Haanpää, K Meissner
International Conference on Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms, 489-497, 2009
Predator—prey interactions in a variable environment: responses of a caddis larva and its blackfly prey to variations in stream flow
K Meissner, A Juntunen, B Malmqvist, T Muotka
Annales Zoologici Fennici 46 (3), 193-204, 2009
How essential biodiversity variables and remote sensing can help national biodiversity monitoring. Glob. Ecol. Conserv. 10: 43–59
P Vihervaara, AP Auvinen, L Mononen, M Törmä, P Ahlroth, S Anttila, ...
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