Konstantin V. Kamenev
Konstantin V. Kamenev
Professor of Extreme Conditions Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
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Spontaneous behavior and magnetic field and pressure effects on La 2/3 Ca 1/3 MnO 3 perovskite
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Pressure-induced sequential magnetic pole inversion and antiferromagnetic− ferromagnetic crossover in a trimetallic Prussian Blue analogue
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Studies on bifunctional Fe (II)-triazole spin crossover nanoparticles: time-dependent luminescence, surface grafting and the effect of a silica shell and hydrostatic pressure …
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Synthesis and characterisation of a Ni 4 single-molecule magnet with S 4 symmetry
A Ferguson, J Lawrence, A Parkin, J Sanchez-Benitez, KV Kamenev, ...
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Understanding the adsorption process in ZIF-8 using high pressure crystallography and computational modelling
CL Hobday, CH Woodall, MJ Lennox, M Frost, K Kamenev, T Düren, ...
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Cation size variance effects in magnetoresistive Sr2FeMoO6 double perovskites
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Field-induced segregation of ferromagnetic nanodomains in Pr 0.5 Sr 0.5 MnO 3 detected by 55 Mn NMR
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Slow magnetic relaxation in a 3D network of cobalt (II) citrate cubanes
KW Galloway, M Schmidtmann, J Sanchez-Benitez, KV Kamenev, ...
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Influence of pressure on structural and magnetic phase transitions in La 0.835 Sr 0.165 MnO 3
K Kamenev, G Balakrishnan, MR Lees, DMK Paul, Z Arnold, O Mikulina
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Piezochromism in Nickel Salicylaldoximato Complexes: Tuning Crystal‐Field Splitting with High Pressure
PJ Byrne, PJ Richardson, J Chang, AF Kusmartseva, DR Allan, AC Jones, ...
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From Quantum Disorder to Magnetic Order in an Kagome Lattice: A Structural and Magnetic Study of Herbertsmithite at High Pressure
DP Kozlenko, AF Kusmartseva, EV Lukin, DA Keen, WG Marshall, ...
Physical review letters 108 (18), 187207, 2012
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