Kirk S. Schanze
Kirk S. Schanze
Robert A. Welch Robert A. Welch Distinguished University Chair in Chemistry, University of Texas at
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Charge transfer on the nanoscale: current status
DM Adams, L Brus, CED Chidsey, S Creager, C Creutz, CR Kagan, ...
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Conjugated polyelectrolytes: synthesis, photophysics, and applications
H Jiang, P Taranekar, JR Reynolds, KS Schanze
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One-dimensional organic lead halide perovskites with efficient bluish white-light emission
Z Yuan, C Zhou, Y Tian, Y Shu, J Messier, JC Wang, LJ Van De Burgt, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
Amplified fluorescence sensing of protease activity with conjugated polyelectrolytes
MR Pinto, KS Schanze
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Photophysics of diimine platinum (II) bis-acetylide complexes
CE Whittle, JA Weinstein, MW George, KS Schanze
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Amplified quenching of a conjugated polyelectrolyte by cyanine dyes
C Tan, E Atas, JG Müller, MR Pinto, VD Kleiman, KS Schanze
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Photophysics, aggregation and amplified quenching of a water-soluble poly (phenylene ethynylene)
C Tan, MR Pinto, KS Schanze
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Conjugated polyelectrolytes: Synthesis and applications
MR Pinto, KS Schanze
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Studies of intramolecular electron and energy transfer using the fac-(diimine) ReI (CO) 3 chromophore
KS Schanze, DB MacQueen, TA Perkins, LA Cabana
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Saccharide detection based on the amplified fluorescence quenching of a water-soluble poly (phenylene ethynylene) by a boronic acid functionalized benzyl viologen derivative
N DiCesare, MR Pinto, KS Schanze, JR Lakowicz
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Unusual photophysics of a rhenium (I) dipyridophenazine complex in homogeneous solution and bound to DNA
HD Stoeffler, NB Thornton, SL Temkin, KS Schanze
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Photophysics of monodisperse platinum-acetylide oligomers: Delocalization in the singlet and triplet excited states
Y Liu, S Jiang, K Glusac, DH Powell, DF Anderson, KS Schanze
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (42), 12412-12413, 2002
A water-soluble poly (phenylene ethynylene) with pendant phosphonate groups. Synthesis, photophysics, and layer-by-layer self-assembled films
MR Pinto, BM Kristal, KS Schanze
Langmuir 19 (16), 6523-6533, 2003
Photovoltaic cells based on sequentially adsorbed multilayers of conjugated poly (p-phenylene ethynylene) s and a water-soluble fullerene derivative
JK Mwaura, MR Pinto, D Witker, N Ananthakrishnan, KS Schanze, ...
Langmuir 21 (22), 10119-10126, 2005
Amplified fluorescence quenching in a poly (p-phenylene)-based cationic polyelectrolyte
BS Harrison, MB Ramey, JR Reynolds, KS Schanze
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (35), 8561-8562, 2000
Fluorescent polyacetylene thin film sensor for nitroaromatics
Y Liu, RC Mills, JM Boncella, KS Schanze
Langmuir 17 (24), 7452-7455, 2001
Preparation of CdS nanoparticles in salt-induced block copolymer micelles
H Zhao, EP Douglas, BS Harrison, KS Schanze
Langmuir 17 (26), 8428-8433, 2001
Variable band gap poly (arylene ethynylene) conjugated polyelectrolytes
X Zhao, MR Pinto, LM Hardison, J Mwaura, J Müller, H Jiang, D Witker, ...
Macromolecules 39 (19), 6355-6366, 2006
Donor–acceptor–donor-based π-conjugated oligomers for nonlinear optics and near-IR emission
S Ellinger, KR Graham, P Shi, RT Farley, TT Steckler, RN Brookins, ...
Chemistry of Materials 23 (17), 3805-3817, 2011
Conjugated polyelectrolyte-based real-time fluorescence assay for alkaline phosphatase with pyrophosphate as substrate
Y Liu, KS Schanze
Analytical chemistry 80 (22), 8605-8612, 2008
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