Mahdi Nooshyar
Mahdi Nooshyar
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Mohaghegh
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A novel hybrid algorithm for electricity price and load forecasting in smart grids with demand-side management
A Ghasemi, H Shayeghi, M Moradzadeh, M Nooshyar
Applied energy 177, 40-59, 2016
Simultaneous day-ahead forecasting of electricity price and load in smart grids
H Shayeghi, A Ghasemi, M Moradzadeh, M Nooshyar
Energy conversion and management 95, 371-384, 2015
Application of artificial neural networks for predicting the aqueous acidity of various phenols using QSAR
A Habibi-Yangjeh, M Danandeh-Jenagharad, M Nooshyar
Journal of molecular modeling 12 (3), 338-347, 2006
Prediction acidity constant of various benzoic acids and phenols in water using linear and nonlinear QSPR models
A Habibi-Yangjeh, M Danandeh-Jenagharad, M Nooshyar
Bulletin-Korean Chemical Society 26 (12), 2007, 2005
Prediction of normalized polarity parameter in binary mixed solvent systems using artificial neural networks
A Habibi-Yangjeh, M Nooshyar
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids 43 (3), 239-247, 2005
Multi-focus image fusion using sharpness criteria for visual sensor networks in wavelet domain
M Abdipour, M Nooshyar
Computers & Electrical Engineering 51, 74-88, 2016
Day-ahead electricity price forecasting using WPT, GMI and modified LSSVM-based S-OLABC algorithm
H Shayeghi, A Ghasemi, M Moradzadeh, M Nooshyar
Soft Computing 21 (2), 525-541, 2017
Prediction of solvent effects on rate constant of [2+ 2] cycloaddition reaction of diethyl azodicarboxylate with ethyl vinyl ether using artificial neural networks
A Habibi-Yangjeh, M Nooshyar
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 26 (1), 139-145, 2005
Identifying potato varieties using machine vision and artificial neural networks
A Azizi, Y Abbaspour-Gilandeh, M Nooshyar, A Afkari-Sayah
International journal of food properties 19 (3), 618-635, 2016
Multi-focus image fusion for visual sensor networks in wavelet domain
M Nooshyar, M Abdipour, M Khajuee
International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing, 23-31, 2013
A novel video compression technique for very low bit-rate coding by combining H. 264/AVC standard and 2-D wavelet transform
A Aghagolzadeh, S Meshgini, M Nooshyar, M Aghagolzadeh
2008 9th International Conference on Signal Processing, 1251-1254, 2008
A novel still image error concealment using fragile watermarking in wireless image transmission and packet-switched networks
D Bashiri, A Aghagolzadeh, J Museviniya, M Nooshyar
2008 International Symposium on Telecommunications, 792-797, 2008
Combination of neural network and wavelet transform for islanding detection of distributed generation in a small-scale network
E Shahryari, M Nooshyar, B Sobhani
International Journal of Ambient Energy 40 (3), 263-273, 2019
Segmentation of retinal blood vessels by means of 2D Gabor wavelet and fuzzy mathematical morphology
A Razban, K Mahjoory, M Nooshyar
2016 2nd International Conference of Signal Processing and Intelligent …, 2016
Removal of high density impulse noise using a novel decision based adaptive weighted and trimmed median filter
M Nooshyar, M Momeny
2013 8th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing (MVIP …, 2013
Breast cancer segmentation in digital mammograms based on harmony search optimization
F Maleki, M Nooshyar, GZ Fatin
Tech. J. Eng. Appl. Sci 4 (4), 477-484, 2014
Robust distributed source coding with arbitrary number of encoders and practical code design technique
M Nooshyar, A Aghagolzadeh, HR Rabiee, E Mikaili
نشریه مهندسی برق و الکترونیک ایران 10 (2), 57-69, 2013
Very low bit-rate video coding by combining h. 264/avc standard and 2-d discrete wavelet transform
A Aghagolzadeh, S Meshgini, M Nooshyar, M Aghagolzadeh
Wireless Sensor Network 2 (04), 328, 2010
Design of new controller for load frequency control of isolated microgrid considering system uncertainties
M Esmaeili, H Shayeghi, M Nooshyar, H Aryanpour
International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion 9 (3), 285-294, 2018
Neural network based identification of trichoderma species
A Akbarimajd, MS Jonban, M Nooshyar, M Davari
Neural Network World 26 (2), 155, 2016
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