Jean-Louis Lanoisellé
Jean-Louis Lanoisellé
Université de Bretagne Sud - IRDL UMR CNRS 6027
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Mechanical continuous oil expression from oilseeds: a review
R Savoire, JL Lanoisellé, E Vorobiev
Food and Bioprocess Technology 6, 1-16, 2013
Application of electrical treatments in alcoholic solvent for polyphenols extraction from grape seeds
N Boussetta, E Vorobiev, LH Le, A Cordin-Falcimaigne, JL Lanoisellé
LWT-Food Science and Technology 46 (1), 127-134, 2012
Optimization of oil yield and oil total phenolic content during grape seed cold screw pressing
N Rombaut, R Savoire, B Thomasset, J Castello, E Van Hecke, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 63, 26-33, 2015
Valorisation of grape pomace by the extraction of phenolic antioxidants: Application of high voltage electrical discharges
N Boussetta, E Vorobiev, V Deloison, F Pochez, A Falcimaigne-Cordin, ...
Food Chemistry 128 (2), 364-370, 2011
Extraction of soluble matter from grape pomace by high voltage electrical discharges for polyphenol recovery: Effect of sulphur dioxide and thermal treatments
N Boussetta, JL Lanoisellé, C Bedel-Cloutour, E Vorobiev
Journal of Food Engineering 95 (1), 192-198, 2009
Electrically assisted extraction of soluble matter from chardonnay grape skins for polyphenol recovery
N Boussetta, N Lebovka, E Vorobiev, H Adenier, C Bedel-Cloutour, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 57 (4), 1491-1497, 2009
Valorization of oilseed residues: Extraction of polyphenols from flaxseed hulls by pulsed electric fields
N Boussetta, E Soichi, JL Lanoisellé, E Vorobiev
Industrial crops and products 52, 347-353, 2014
Freezing of potato tissue pre-treated by pulsed electric fields
M Jalte, JL Lanoisellé, NI Lebovka, E Vorobiev
LWT-Food Science and Technology 42 (2), 576-580, 2009
Recovery of linseed oil dispersed within an oil-in-water emulsion using hydrophilic membrane by rotating disk filtration system
L Li, L Ding, Z Tu, Y Wan, D Clausse, JL Lanoisellé
Journal of Membrane Science 342 (1-2), 70-79, 2009
Towards an alternative extraction process for linseed oil
C Gros, JL Lanoisellé, E Vorobiev
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 81 (9), 1059-1065, 2003
Grape seed oil extraction: Interest of supercritical fluid extraction and gas-assisted mechanical extraction for enhancing polyphenol co-extraction in oil
N Rombaut, R Savoire, B Thomasset, T Bélliard, J Castello, É Van Hecke, ...
Comptes Rendus. Chimie 17 (3), 284-292, 2014
Effect of a pulsed electric field and osmotic treatment on freezing of potato tissue
J Ben Ammar, JL Lanoisellé, NI Lebovka, E Van Hecke, E Vorobiev
Food Biophysics 5, 247-254, 2010
Scale-up of high voltage electrical discharges for polyphenols extraction from grape pomace: Effect of the dynamic shock waves
N Boussetta, E Vorobiev, T Reess, A De Ferron, L Pecastaing, ...
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 16, 129-136, 2012
Anaerobic digestion of grape pomace: Biochemical characterization of the fractions and methane production in batch and continuous digesters
JH El Achkar, T Lendormi, Z Hobaika, D Salameh, N Louka, RG Maroun, ...
Waste Management 50, 275-282, 2016
Impact of a pulsed electric field on damage of plant tissues: effects of cell size and tissue electrical conductivity
J Ben Ammar, JL Lanoisellé, NI Lebovka, E Van Hecke, E Vorobiev
Journal of Food Science 76 (1), E90-E97, 2011
Modeling of solid/liquid expression for cellular materials
JL Lanoisellé, EI Vorobyov, JM Bouvier, G Pair
AIChE journal 42 (7), 2057-2068, 1996
Electrically-assisted extraction of bio-products using high pressure disruption of yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
MV Shynkaryk, NI Lebovka, JL Lanoisellé, M Nonus, C Bedel-Clotour, ...
Journal of food engineering 92 (2), 189-195, 2009
Effect of high voltage electrical discharges, heating and ethanol concentration on the extraction of total polyphenols and lignans from flaxseed cake
N Boussetta, M Turk, C De Taeye, Y Larondelle, JL Lanoisellé, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 49, 690-696, 2013
Intensification of polyphenols extraction from grape seeds by high voltage electrical discharges and extract concentration by dead-end ultrafiltration
D Liu, E Vorobiev, R Savoire, JL Lanoisellé
Separation and Purification Technology 81 (2), 134-140, 2011
Influence of pretreatment conditions on lignocellulosic fractions and methane production from grape pomace
JH El Achkar, T Lendormi, D Salameh, N Louka, RG Maroun, ...
Bioresource technology 247, 881-889, 2018
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