Владимир Гнездилов (Vladimir Gnezdilov)
Владимир Гнездилов (Vladimir Gnezdilov)
B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the NAS of Ukraine
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Optical phonons, spin correlations, and spin-phonon coupling in the frustrated pyrochlore magnets CdCr 2 O 4 and ZnCr 2 O 4
C Kant, J Deisenhofer, T Rudolf, F Mayr, F Schrettle, A Loidl, V Gnezdilov, ...
Physical Review B 80 (Issue 21), 214417 (1-10), 2009
Interplay between lattice and spin states degree of freedom in the FeSe superconductor: Dynamic spin state instabilities
V Gnezdilov, YG Pashkevich, P Lemmens, D Wulferding, T Shevtsova, ...
Physical Review B 87 (14), 144508, 2013
Raman scattering in a single crystal
VI Fomin, VP Gnezdilov, VS Kurnosov, AV Peschanskii, AV Yeremenko, ...
Low Temperature Physics 28 (3), 203-209, 2002
Crossover from coherent to incoherent scattering in spin-orbit dominated SrIrO
MF Cetin, P Lemmens, V Gnezdilov, D Wulferding, D Menzel, T Takayama, ...
Physical Review B 85 (19), 195148, 2012
Helical fluctuations in the Raman response of the topological insulator BiSe
V Gnezdilov, YG Pashkevich, H Berger, E Pomjakushina, K Conder, ...
Physical Review B 84 (19), 195118, 2011
Anomalous optical phonons in FeTe chalcogenides: Spin state, magnetic order, and lattice anharmonicity
V Gnezdilov, Y Pashkevich, P Lemmens, A Gusev, K Lamonova, ...
Physical Review B 83 (Issue 24), 245127 (1-6), 2011
Magnetoelectricity in the ferrimagnetic Cu2OSeO3: symmetry analysis and Raman scattering study
VP Gnezdilov, KV Lamonova, YG Pashkevich, P Lemmens, H Berger, ...
Low Temperature Physics 36 (6), 550-557, 2010
Stripe Conductivity in La 1.775 Sr 0.225 NiO 4
YG Pashkevich, VA Blinkin, VP Gnezdilov, VV Tsapenko, VV Eremenko, ...
Physical Review Letters 84 (Issue 17), 3919-3922, 2000
Optical phonon dynamics and electronic fluctuations in the Dirac semimetal
A Sharafeev, V Gnezdilov, R Sankar, FC Chou, P Lemmens
Physical Review B 95 (23), 235148, 2017
Anomalous Electronic Raman Scattering in Na x CoO 2 ⋅ y H 2 O
P Lemmens, KY Choi, V Gnezdilov, EY Sherman, DP Chen, CT Lin, ...
Physical Review Letters 96 (Issue 16), 167204 (1-4), 2006
Investigation of the oxohalide with weakly coupled tetrahedra
R Takagi, M Johnsson, V Gnezdilov, RK Kremer, W Brenig, P Lemmens
Physical Review B 74 (1), 014413, 2006
Raman scattering study of Nd1− xSrxMnO3 (x= 0.3, 0.5)
KY Choi, P Lemmens, G Güntherodt, M Pattabiraman, G Rangarajan, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 15 (19), 3333-3342, 2003
Effect of Na content and hydration on the excitation spectrum of the cobaltite NaxCoO2· yH2O
P Lemmens, V Gnezdilov, NN Kovaleva, KY Choi, H Sakurai, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 16 (11), S857, 2004
Existence of orbital polarons in ferromagnetic insulating revealed by giant phonon softening
KY Choi, P Lemmens, T Sahaoui, G Güntherodt, YG Pashkevich, ...
Physical Review B 71 (17), 174402, 2005
Phonon anomalies and possible local lattice distortions in giant magnetocapacitive CdCrS
V Gnezdilov, P Lemmens, YG Pashkevich, C Payen, KY Choi, ...
Physical Review B 84 (4), 045106, 2011
Longitudinal magnon, inversion breaking and magnetic instabilities in the pseudo-Kagome francisites Cu3Bi(SeO3)2O2X with X=Br, Cl
V Gnezdilov, Y Pashkevich, V Kurnosov, P Lemmens, E Kuznetsova, ...
eprint arXiv:1604.04249, 2016
Orbiton-mediated multiphonon scattering in
KY Choi, P Lemmens, G Güntherodt, YG Pashkevich, VP Gnezdilov, ...
Physical Review B 72 (2), 024301, 2005
Light scattering in LiCoPO₄ single crystal: analysis of the vibrational spectrum
VI Fomin, VP Gnezdilov, VS Kurnosov, AV Peschanskii, VV Eremenko, ...
Физика низких температур, 1999
Orbital fluctuating state in ferromagnetic insulating studied using Raman spectroscopy
KY Choi, YG Pashkevich, VP Gnezdilov, G Güntherodt, AV Yeremenko, ...
Physical Review B 74 (6), 064406, 2006
Low-temperature mixed spin state of Co3+ in LaCoO3 evidenced from Jahn–Teller lattice distortions
V Gnezdilov, V Fomin, AV Yeremenko, KY Choi, Y Pashkevich, ...
Low Temperature Physics 32 (2), 162-168, 2006
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