Sunil Thomas
Sunil Thomas
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Indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase pathways of pathogenic inflammation and immune escape in cancer
GC Prendergast, C Smith, S Thomas, L Mandik-Nayak, L Laury-Kleintop, ...
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 63 (7), 721-735, 2014
The Host Microbiome Regulates and Maintains Human Health: A Primer and Perspective for Non-Microbiologists
S Thomas, J Izard, E Walsh, K Batich, P Chongsathidkiet, G Clark, D Sela, ...
Cancer Research 77 (8), 1783-1812, 2017
Transcytosis of IgE–antigen complexes by CD23a in human intestinal epithelial cells and its role in food allergy
H Li, A Nowak–Wegrzyn, Z Charlop–Powers, W Shreffler, M Chehade, ...
Gastroenterology 131 (1), 47-58, 2006
Cancer Vaccines: A Brief Overview.
S Thomas, GC Prendergast
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Analysis of lipid rafts in T cells.
S Thomas, A Preda-Pais, S Casares, TD Brumeanu
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Complement anaphylatoxin C5a neuroprotects through regulation of glutamate receptor subunit 2 in vitro and in vivo
P Mukherjee, S Thomas, GM Pasinetti
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Indoximod: an immunometabolic adjuvant that empowers T cell activity in cancer
E Fox, T Oliver, M Rowe, S Thomas, Y Zakharia, PB Gilman, AJ Muller, ...
Frontiers in oncology 8, 2018
The Structure of the Membrane Protein of SARS-CoV-2 Resembles the Sugar Transporter semiSWEET
S Thomas
Pathogens and Immunity 5 (1), 342-363, 2020
Role of Hypertension in Aggravating A 𝛽 Neuropathology of AD Type and Tau-MediatedMotor Impairment
C Diaz-Ruiz, J Wang, H Ksiezak-Reding, L Ho, X Qian, N Humala, ...
Cardiovascular psychiatry and neurology 2009, 2009
Vgf is a novel biomarker associated with muscle weakness in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), with a potential role in disease pathogenesis
Z Zhao, DJ Lange, L Ho, S Bonini, B Shao, SR Salton, S Thomas, ...
International journal of medical sciences 5 (2), 92, 2008
Exit mechanisms of the intracellular bacterium Ehrlichia
S Thomas, VL Popov, DH Walker
PLoS One 5 (12), e15775, 2010
Immunization with Ehrlichia P28 Outer Membrane Proteins Confers Protection in a Mouse Model of Ehrlichiosis
PA Crocquet-Valdes, NR Thirumalapura, N Ismail, X Yu, TB Saito, ...
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 18 (12), 2018-2025, 2011
A model for antigen-specific T-cell anergy: displacement of CD4-p56lck signalosome from the lipid rafts by a soluble, dimeric peptide-MHC class II chimera
S Thomas, R Kumar, A Preda-Pais, S Casares, TD Brumeanu
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Increased neuronal injury in transgenic mice with neuronal overexpression of human cyclooxygenase-2 is reversed by hypothermia and rofecoxib treatment
Z Xiang, S Thomas, G Pasinetti
Current Neurovascular Research 4 (4), 274-279, 2007
Mitochondria influence Fas expression in gp120-induced apoptosis of neuronal cells
S Thomas, L Mayer, K Sperber
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Role of lipid rafts in T cells.
S Thomas, RS Kumar, TD Brumeanu
Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis 52 (4), 215, 2004
Sensitive detection of GM1 lipid rafts and TCR partitioning in the T cell membrane
S Thomas, RS Kumar, S Casares, TD Brumeanu
Journal of immunological methods 275 (1), 161-168, 2003
Vaccines based on structure-based design provide protection against infectious diseases
S Thomas, BA Luxon
Expert review of vaccines 12 (11), 1301-1311, 2013
Structure-Based Vaccines Provide Protection in a Mouse Model of Ehrlichiosis
S Thomas, NR Thirumalapura, PA Crocquet-Valdes, BA Luxon, ...
PloS one 6 (11), e27981, 2011
Purification of sandal spike phytoplasma for the production of polyclonal antibody
S Thomas, M Balasundaran
Current Science Online 80 (12), 1489-1494, 2001
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