Alexander V Lebedev
Alexander V Lebedev
assistant professor at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet
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Random Forest ensembles for detection and prediction of Alzheimer's disease with a good between-cohort robustness
AV Lebedev, E Westman, GJP Van Westen, MG Kramberger, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 6, 115-125, 2014
Initial cognitive decline is associated with cortical thinning in early Parkinson disease
JB Pereira, P Svenningsson, D Weintraub, K Brønnick, A Lebedev, ...
Neurology 82 (22), 2017-2025, 2014
Finding the self by losing the self: Neural correlates of ego‐dissolution under psilocybin
AV Lebedev, M Lövdén, G Rosenthal, A Feilding, DJ Nutt, ...
Human brain mapping 36 (8), 3137-3153, 2015
LSD‐induced entropic brain activity predicts subsequent personality change
AV Lebedev, M Kaelen, M Lövdén, J Nilsson, A Feilding, DJ Nutt, ...
Human brain mapping 37 (9), 3203-3213, 2016
Large-scale resting state network correlates of cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease and related dopaminergic deficits
AV Lebedev, E Westman, A Simmons, A Lebedeva, FJ Siepel, JB Pereira, ...
Frontiers in systems neuroscience 8, 45, 2014
Effects of abused drugs on thresholds and breaking points of intracranial self-stimulation in rats
A Bespalov, A Lebedev, G Panchenko, E Zvartau
European Neuropsychopharmacology 9 (5), 377-383, 1999
Aberrant cerebral network topology and mild cognitive impairment in early Parkinson's disease
JB Pereira, D Aarsland, CE Ginestet, AV Lebedev, LO Wahlund, ...
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Cognitive executive impairment and dopaminergic deficits in de novo Parkinson's disease
FJ Siepel, KS Brønnick, J Booij, BM Ravina, AV Lebedev, JB Pereira, ...
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Direct-current stimulation does little to improve the outcome of working memory training in older adults
J Nilsson, AV Lebedev, A Rydström, M Lövdén
Psychological science 28 (7), 907-920, 2017
Депрессия, тревога и инфаркт миокарда: все только начинается (Часть I)
ЮА Васюк, АВ Лебедев
Рациональная фармакотерапия в кардиологии 3 (3), 2007
Multivariate classification of patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia with Lewy bodies using high-dimensional cortical thickness measurements: an MRI surface-based morphometric …
AV Lebedev, E Westman, MK Beyer, MG Kramberger, C Aguilar, ...
Journal of neurology 260 (4), 1104-1115, 2013
Structural brain changes associated with depressive symptoms in the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease
A Lebedeva, E Westman, AV Lebedev, X Li, B Winblad, A Simmons, ...
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 85 (8), 930-935, 2014
Cortical changes associated with depression and antidepressant use in Alzheimer and Lewy body dementia: an MRI surface-based morphometric study
AV Lebedev, MK Beyer, F Fritze, E Westman, C Ballard, D Aarsland
The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 22 (1), 4-13. e1, 2014
Vitamin D insufficiency in overweight and obese children and adolescents
I Zakharova, L Klimov, V Kuryaninova, I Nikitina, S Malyavskaya, ...
Frontiers in Endocrinology 10, 103, 2019
No significant effect of prefrontal tDCS on working memory performance in older adults
J Nilsson, AV Lebedev, M Lövdén
Frontiers in aging neuroscience 7, 230, 2015
A statistical approach for interpreting the optical spectra of metal island films: effects of multiple scattering in a statistical assembly of spheres
A Lebedev, O Stenzel, M Quinten, A Stendal, M Röder, M Schreiber, ...
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 1 (5), 573, 1999
Chronic asymptomatic hyperuricemia as a marker of atherogenic risk in children
SI Maliavskaia, AV Lebedev, VA Ternovskaia
Kardiologiia 47 (3), 62-66, 2007
The Czochralski growth and structural investigations of Ba (MoO4) x (WO4) 1− x solid solution single crystals
VA Isaev, BV Ignatiev, AV Lebedev, SA Avenesov, PG Plautskiy
Journal of crystal growth 363, 226-233, 2013
Molecular epidemiological analysis of HIV-1 variants circulating in Russia in 1987—2015
IA Lapovok, AE Lopatukhin, DE Kireev, EV Kazennova, AV Lebedev, ...
Therapeutic archive 89 (11), 44-49, 2017
Simultaneous dual-wavelength stimulated Raman scattering in Ba(MoO4)x(WO4)1- x solid solution single crystals
BV Ignatyev, VA Isaev, AV Lebedev, PG Plautskiy
Optics Letters 39 (19), 5479-5482, 2014
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