Vitalii Boiko
Vitalii Boiko
Institute of physics NAS of Ukraine, department of physics of biologycal system
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New Optical Properties of Synthetic Opals Infiltrated by DNA
V Boyko, G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Gorelik, V Moiseyenko, ...
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 535 (1), 30-41, 2011
Secondary emission from synthetic opal infiltrated by colloidal gold and glycine
G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Boyko, V Romanyuk, V Gorelik, ...
Arxiv preprint arXiv:1202.3632, 2012
Secondary Emission From Synthetic Opal Infiltrated by Colloidal Gold and Glycine
G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Boyko, VR Romanyuk, VS Gorelik, ...
20 International School-Seminars of Galina Puchkovska 'Spectroscopy of …, 2012
Persistent luminescence from Y3Al2Ga3O12 doped with Ce3+ and Cr3+ after X-ray and blue light irradiation
V Boiko, J Zeler, M Markowska, Z Dai, A Gerus, P Bolek, E Zych, ...
Journal of Rare Earths 37 (11), 1200-1205, 2019
Angular shaping of fluorescence from synthetic opal-based photonic crystal
V Boiko, G Dovbeshko, L Dolgov, V Kiisk, I Sildos, A Loot, V Gorelik
Nanoscale research letters 10 (1), 1-7, 2015
Vibrational spectra of opal-based photonic crystals
G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Boyko, V Romanyuk, V Moiseyenko, ...
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 38 (1), 012008, 2012
Optical studies of Y3 (Al, Ga) 5O12: Ce3+, Cr3+, Nd3+ nano-phosphors obtained by the Pechini method
Z Dai, V Boiko, M Markowska, A Gerus, K Grzeszkiewicz, J Hölsä, ...
Journal of Rare Earths 37 (11), 1132-1136, 2019
Optical properties of graphene oxide coupled with 3D opal based photonic crystal
I Severin, V Boiko, V Moiseyenko, M Olenchuk, A Goushcha, R Barillé, ...
Optical Materials 86, 326-330, 2018
Ordered carbon nanotubes and globular opals as a model of multiscaling photonic crystals
G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Moiseyenko, V Gorelik, V Boyko, V Sobolev
Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics 11 (4), 392-395, 2008
Up-converting ALD/MLD thin films with Yb3+, Er3+ in amorphous organic framework
M Tuomisto, Z Giedraityte, L Mai, A Devi, V Boiko, K Grzeszkiewicz, ...
Journal of Luminescence 213, 310-315, 2019
Luminescent Imaging of Biological Molecules and Cells on the Photonic Crystal Surface
VV Boiko, OM Fesenko, VF Gorchev, SO Karakhim, L Dolgov, V Kiisk, ...
Nanomaterials Imaging Techniques, Surface Studies, and Applications, 253-262, 2013
Vibrational spectra of DNA in the confined interglobular volume of photonic crystal
VV Boiko, VR Romanyuk, OP Gnatyuk, OO Ilchenko, SO Karakhim, ...
Journal of biological physics 44 (1), 101-116, 2018
Novel photoluminescence-enhancing substrates for image formation of biological objects
GI Dovbeshko, OM Fesenko, VV Boyko, VF Gorchev, SO Karakhin, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1209.2833, 2012
Effect of annealing treatment on the persistent luminescence of Y3Al2Ga3O12: Ce3+, Cr3+, Pr3+ ceramics
Z Dai, V Boiko, K Grzeszkiewicz, ML Saladino, J Li, D Hreniak
Optical Materials 105, 109888, 2020
Laser induced anti-Stokes emission from graphene nanoparticles infiltrated into opal based photonic structure
V Boiko, R Tomala, O Posudievsky, V Moiseienko, G Dovbeshko, W Strek
Optical Materials 101, 109744, 2020
Effect of Ce3+ concentration on persistent luminescence of YAGG: Ce3+, Cr3+, Nd3+ nanophosphors obtained by the co-precipitation method
V Boiko, M Markowska, L Consentino, ML Saladino, D Hreniak
Optical Materials 107, 109956, 2020
Phospholipid distribution in the cytoplasmic membrane of Gram-negative bacteria is highly asymmetric, dynamic, and cell shape-dependent
M Bogdanov, K Pyrshev, S Yesylevskyy, S Ryabichko, V Boiko, ...
Science Advances 6 (23), eaaz6333, 2020
Фотолюминесценция ароматических соединений при возбуждении ультрафиолетовым светодиодом
ВВ Бойко, ВС Горелик, ГИ Довбешко, АЮ Пятышев
Инженерный журнал: наука и инновации, 2013
New optical properties of synthetic opals infiltrated by DNA
G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Boyko, P Vodolazkyy, V Gorelik, ...
New method for determination of refractive index of biomolecule solution by the photonic crystal application.
GI Dovbeshko, VV Boiko, VO Mazajeva
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