Xiaoyu Wang
Xiaoyu Wang
Research Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte, Computer Science Department
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Nanomaterials with enzyme-like characteristics (nanozymes): next-generation artificial enzymes (II)
J Wu, X Wang, Q Wang, Z Lou, S Li, Y Zhu, L Qin, H Wei
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Nanozymes in bionanotechnology: from sensing to therapeutics and beyond
X Wang, Y Hu, H Wei
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Leadline: Interactive visual analysis of text data through event identification and exploration
W Dou, X Wang, D Skau, W Ribarsky, MX Zhou
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ROS scavenging Mn 3 O 4 nanozymes for in vivo anti-inflammation
J Yao, Y Cheng, M Zhou, S Zhao, S Lin, X Wang, J Wu, S Li, H Wei
Chemical science 9 (11), 2927-2933, 2018
Hierarchicaltopics: Visually exploring large text collections using topic hierarchies
W Dou, L Yu, X Wang, Z Ma, W Ribarsky
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Biomineralization: from material tactics to biological strategy
S Yao, B Jin, Z Liu, C Shao, R Zhao, X Wang, R Tang
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Paralleltopics: A probabilistic approach to exploring document collections
W Dou, X Wang, R Chang, W Ribarsky
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Biomechanical risk factors for proximal junctional kyphosis: a detailed numerical analysis of surgical instrumentation variables
M Cammarata, CÉ Aubin, X Wang, JM Mac-Thiong
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Rational design of thermostable vaccines by engineered peptide-induced virus self-biomineralization under physiological conditions
G Wang, RY Cao, R Chen, L Mo, JF Han, X Wang, X Xu, T Jiang, ...
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2D-metal–organic-framework-nanozyme sensor arrays for probing phosphates and their enzymatic hydrolysis
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Ratiometric electrochemical sensor for effective and reliable detection of ascorbic acid in living brains
H Cheng, X Wang, H Wei
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Virus capture and destruction by label‐free graphene oxide for detection and disinfection applications
Z Song, X Wang, G Zhu, Q Nian, H Zhou, D Yang, C Qin, R Tang
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Nanozyme sensor arrays for detecting versatile analytes from small molecules to proteins and cells
X Wang, L Qin, M Zhou, Z Lou, H Wei
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Event detection in social media data
W Dou, X Wang, W Ribarsky, M Zhou
IEEE VisWeek workshop on interactive visual text analytics-task driven …, 2012
Nanozymes: next wave of artificial enzymes
X Wang, W Guo, Y Hu, J Wu, H Wei
Springer, 2016
Rational Design of a Flavivirus Vaccine by Abolishing Viral RNA 2′-O Methylation
SH Li, H Dong, XF Li, X Xie, H Zhao, YQ Deng, XY Wang, Q Ye, SY Zhu, ...
Journal of virology 87 (10), 5812-5819, 2013
Boosting the peroxidase-like activity of nanostructured nickel by inducing its 3+ oxidation state in LaNiO3 perovskite and its application for biomedical assays
X Wang, W Cao, L Qin, T Lin, W Chen, S Lin, J Yao, X Zhao, M Zhou, ...
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Social media analytics for competitive advantage
W Ribarsky, DX Wang, W Dou
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Flexible visualization for services
D Fisher, A Hoff, G Robertson, H Warncke, M Czerwinski, A Greenberg, ...
US Patent 8,196,047, 2012
Defining and applying knowledge conversion processes to a visual analytics system
X Wang, DH Jeong, W Dou, S Lee, W Ribarsky, R Chang
Computers & Graphics 33 (5), 616-623, 2009
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