Vikram Vakharia
Vikram Vakharia
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The Toll pathway is important for an antiviral response in Drosophila
RA Zambon, M Nandakumar, VN Vakharia, LP Wu
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (20), 7257-7262, 2005
Leader protein of foot-and-mouth disease virus is required for cleavage of the p220 component of the cap-binding protein complex.
MA Devaney, VN Vakharia, RE Lloyd, E Ehrenfeld, MJ Grubman
Journal of virology 62 (11), 4407-4409, 1988
RNAi is an antiviral immune response against a dsRNA virus in Drosophila melanogaster
RA Zambon, VN Vakharia, LP Wu
Cellular microbiology 8 (5), 880-889, 2006
Molecular determinants of virulence, cell tropism, and pathogenic phenotype of infectious bursal disease virus
M Brandt, K Yao, M Liu, RA Heckert, VN Vakharia
Journal of virology 75 (24), 11974-11982, 2001
Molecular basis of antigenic variation in infectious bursal disease virus
VN Vakharia, J He, B Ahamed, DB Snyder
Virus research 31 (2), 265-273, 1994
A recombinant Eimeria protein inducing interferon-γ production: comparison of different gene expression systems and immunization strategies for vaccination against coccidiosis
HS Lillehoj, KD Choi, MC Jenkins, VN Vakharia, KD Song, JY Han, ...
Avian Diseases, 379-389, 2000
Synthetic transcripts of double-stranded Birnavirus genome are infectious
E Mundt, VN Vakharia
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 93 (20), 11131-11136, 1996
Generation of a mutant infectious bursal disease virus that does not cause bursal lesions
K Yao, MA Goodwin, VN Vakharia
Journal of Virology 72 (4), 2647-2654, 1998
Analysis of neutralizing antigenic sites on the surface of type A12 foot-and-mouth disease virus.
B Baxt, V Vakharia, DM Moore, AJ Franke, DO Morgan
Journal of virology 63 (5), 2143-2151, 1989
Naturally occurring-neutralizing monoclonal antibody escape variants define the epidemiology of infectious bursal disease viruses in the United States
DB Snyder, VN Vakharia, PK Savage
Archives of virology 127 (1), 89-101, 1992
Identification of putative motifs involved in the virulence of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus
N Santi, VN Vakharia, Ø Evensen
Virology 322 (1), 31-40, 2004
B Delmas, E Mundt, VN Vakharia, JL Wu
Virus taxonomy: Ninth report of the international committee on taxonomy of …, 2011
Induction of apoptosis in vitro by the 17-kDa nonstructural protein of infectious bursal disease virus: possible role in viral pathogenesis
K Yao, VN Vakharia
Virology 285 (1), 50-58, 2001
Proteolytic processing of foot-and-mouth disease virus polyproteins expressed in a cell-free system from clone-derived transcripts.
VN Vakharia, MA Devaney, DM Moore, JJ Dunn, MJ Grubman
Journal of virology 61 (10), 3199-3207, 1987
Molecular determinants of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus virulence and cell culture adaptation
H Song, N Santi, Ø Evensen, VN Vakharia
Journal of virology 79 (16), 10289-10299, 2005
The structure of a birnavirus polymerase reveals a distinct active site topology
J Pan, VN Vakharia, YJ Tao
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (18), 7385-7390, 2007
Infectious bursal disease virus structural proteins expressed in a baculovirus recombinant confer protection in chickens
VN Vakharia, DB Snyder, J He, GH Edwards, PK Savage, ...
Journal of General Virology 74 (6), 1201-1206, 1993
Green fluorescent protein as a noninvasive stress probe in resting Escherichia coli cells
HJ Cha, R Srivastava, VN Vakharia, G Rao, WE Bentley
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 65 (2), 409-414, 1999
VP1 protein of infectious bursal disease virus modulates the virulence in vivo
M Liu, VN Vakharia
Virology 330 (1), 62-73, 2004
Induction of protective immunity in chickens immunised with plasmid DNA encoding infectious bursal disease virus antigens
N Fodor, SK Dube, I Fodor, E Horváth, E Nagy, VN Vakharia, ...
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 47 (4), 481-492, 1999
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