Environmental Problems
Analysis and forecast of the environmental radioactivity dynamics based on the methods of chaos theory: general conceptions
A Glushkov, T Safranov, O Khetselius, A Ignatenko, V Buyadzhi, ...
Environmental problems, 115-120, 2016
Concurrent sorption of copper and chromium cations by natural zeolite
V Sabadash, J Gumnytskyy, O Mylianyk, L Romaniuk
Environmental problems 2 (1), 2017
Environmental hazard of uncontrolled accumulation of industrial and municipal solid waste of different origin in Ukraine
N Popovych, M Malyovanyy, O Telak, A Voloshchyshyn, V Popovych
Environmental problems 1, 53-58, 2018
Wood wastes utilization of the Pokuttia–Bukovyna Carpathians as the result of introduction of improved production technology of fuel briquettes
A Masikevych, M Kolotylo, R Bat, Y Masikevych, M Malovanyy, ...
Екологічні проблеми 4 (1), 24-31, 2019
Improvement of environmental safety of agricultural systems as a result of encapsulated mineral fertilizers implementation
S Synelnikov, K Soloviy, I Tymchuk, M Malovanyy, O Nahurskyy
Екологічні проблеми 4 (4), 222-228, 2019
Sanitary and microbiological status of surface waters of protected areas and traditional economic landscapes of the Carpathians in Pokuttia-Bukovina region
A Masikevych, M Malovanyy, V Yaremchuk, M Kolotylo, Y Masikevych
Environmental problems, 4 (3), 2018, 265-272, 2018
The key aspects of atmospheric air ecological monitoring concept formation at the urban systems level
V Bakharev, A Marenych
Environmental Problems 2 (1), 2017
Hazardous household waste management in Vinnytsia region
V Ishchenko, R Petruk, Y Kozak
Environmental Problems.№ 1, vol. 1: 27-30., 2016
Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of biogas of cyanea organic mass
S Digtiar
Environmental problems, 149-154, 2016
Study of the properties of anp fertilizer encapsulated with the use of modified waste of pet
O Nahurskyy, M Malovanyy, S Synelnikov, I Tymchuk, G Krylova
Екологічні проблеми/Environmental Problems 5 (1), 35-38, 2020
Activator of carbon dioxide absorption by chlorophyll-synthesizing microalgae
V Dyachok, S Mandryk, S Huhlych
Environmental problems, 63-67, 2019
Surface wastewater treatment from various fractions of petroleum products from the territory of highway infrastructure facilities
V Iurchenko, O Melnikova, N Mikhalevich, O Borzenko
Environmental problems, 74-81, 2019
Principles of justification of regional programmes of municipal solid waste treatment
T Safranov, T Shanina, V Prykhodko, M Shynkarenko
Environmental problems, 4 (3), 2018, 224-229, 2018
The liquid phase recirculation under methanogenic fermentation of chicken manure
Y Shapovalov, A Salyuk
Environmental problems 3 (3), 203-209, 2018
Experimental Research of Withdrawal of Oil Remains from the Used Kollan” Oil Filters
Y Holik, E Ganoshenko
Environmental problems, 87-90, 2017
Ways to Minimize Environmental Hazards From Pollution of the Environment in the Zone of Influence of the Hrybovychi Landfill
M Malyovanyy, V Sliusar, A Sereda
Environmental problems, 65-69, 2017
Utilization of sugar beet pulp by getting activated carbon
I Bordun, V Ptashnyk, M Sadova, R Chapovska
Environmental problems 2 (1), 2017
Methodological principles of electromagnetic screens application for public protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation
V Glyva, О Panova, О Voloshkina
Environmental problems, 69-72, 2016
Prospects of using PET waste for environmentally friendly mineral fertilizers
O Nagurskyy, M Malovanyy, S Synelnikov, V Vahchuk
Environmental problems, 19-22, 2016
The first step to sketch the spatio-temporal evolution of biochemical and physical parameters involving in the Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) in Mattatall Lake (Nova Scotia, Canada)
T Nguyen-Quang, KC Lieou, K Hushchyna, TD Nguyen, MN Sharifi, ...
Environmental problems, 1-18, 2016
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