Environmental Problems
Analysis and forecast of the environmental radioactivity dynamics based on the methods of chaos theory: general conceptions
A Glushkov, T Safranov, O Khetselius, A Ignatenko, V Buyadzhi, ...
Environmental problems, 115-120, 2016
Concurrent sorption of Copper and Chromium cations by natural zeolite
V Sabadash, J Gumnytskyy, O Mylianyk, L Romaniuk
Environmental problems 2 (1), 2017
Environmental hazard of uncontrolled accumulation of industrial and municipal solid waste of different origin in Ukraine
N Popovych, M Malyovanyy, O Telak, A Voloshchyshyn, V Popovych
Environmental problems 1, 53-58, 2018
Ways to Minimize Environmental Hazards From Pollution of the Environment in the Zone of Influence of the Hrybovychi Landfill
M Malyovanyy, V Sliusar, A Sereda
Environmental problems, 65-69, 2017
The key aspects of atmospheric air ecological monitoring concept formation at the urban systems level
V Bakharev, A Marenych
Environmental Problems 2 (1), 2017
Studying and forecasting of the phosphates pollution dynamics in watersheds and antropogenic water management landscape dynamics: application to the small carpathians rivers …
AV Glushkov, VN Khokhlov, NG Serbov, VV Buyadzhi, Y Bunyakova, ...
Environmental Problems 2, 111-114, 2016
Influence of Dobrotvir thermal power plant on environmental specifications
V Pohrebennyk
Environmental problems, 83-90, 2016
Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of biogas of cyanea organic mass
S Digtiar
Environmental problems, 149-154, 2016
Impact of weather factors on the speed of the reaction of formaldehyde formation above motorway overpasses
R Sipakov, V Trofimovich, O Voloshkina, J Bereznitska
Environmental Problems 3 (2), 97-102, 2018
Using the Modified Redfield Ratio to estimate Harmful Algal Blooms
K Hushchyna, T Nguyen-Quang
Environmental Problems, 2 (2), 2017 2 (2), 101-108, 2017
Forecasting Automotive Waste Generation Using Short Data Sets: Case Study of Lithuania
A Karpušenkaitė, T Ruzgas, G Denafas
Environmental problems, 11-18, 2017
Determination of an impact of the composition on the pH level and the concentration of ammonium nitrogen in soil of Pustomyty distrаct, Lviv region
M Кanda, M Malovanyy, Z Оdnorih
Environmental Problems 2 (1), 2017
Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions of Coke Plant
L Ulyev, S Boldyryev, M Vasilyev, T Zebeshev, A Khusanov
Environmental problems, 133-144, 2016
Methodological principles of electromagnetic screens application for public protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation
V Glyva, О Panova, О Voloshkina
Environmental problems, 69-72, 2016
Ecological safety predictive modeling concerning fine cocoa dust dispersion, released by confectionery manufacture
V Iurchenko, E Lebedeva, S Ponomaryova
Environmental Problems 3 (2), 79-84, 2018
Influence of petrol and petroleum components’ vapours on human organism
O Matskiv, O Chaika, L Babiak, V Vasiichuk, N Shuvar
Environmental Problems 3 (2), 85-90, 2018
Formation and development of scientific direction of “Ecological safety” as a priority of scientific and pedagogical activity of professor Volodymyr Shmandiy
O Kharlamova
Environmental Problems 3 (2), 91-96, 2018
Multispectral ecological control of biomass of phytoplankton in aqueous media in situ using a quadrocopter
S Kvaterniuk, V Petruk
Environmental Problems 3 (2), 133-138, 2018
Enhancement of environmental security of destruction processes of water pollutants in ecosystems of water treatment plants
T Rotay
Environmental Problems 3 (2), 139-144, 2018
Impact of riverbank anthropogenic pollution sources on the formation of river water quality
N Magas, H Trokhymenko
Environmental Problems 3 (2), 121-128, 2018
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