Jaehoon Lim
Jaehoon Lim
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Bright and efficient full-color colloidal quantum dot light-emitting diodes using an inverted device structure
J Kwak, WK Bae, D Lee, I Park, J Lim, M Park, H Cho, H Woo, DY Yoon, ...
Nano letters 12 (5), 2362-2366, 2012
Spectroscopic and device aspects of nanocrystal quantum dots
JM Pietryga, YS Park, J Lim, AF Fidler, WK Bae, S Brovelli, VI Klimov
Chemical reviews 116 (18), 10513-10622, 2016
Controlling the influence of Auger recombination on the performance of quantum-dot light-emitting diodes
WK Bae, YS Park, J Lim, D Lee, LA Padilha, H McDaniel, I Robel, C Lee, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-8, 2013
Highly efficient cadmium-free quantum dot light-emitting diodes enabled by the direct formation of excitons within InP@ ZnSeS quantum dots
J Lim, M Park, WK Bae, D Lee, S Lee, C Lee, K Char
ACS nano 7 (10), 9019-9026, 2013
Multicolored light-emitting diodes based on all-quantum-dot multilayer films using layer-by-layer assembly method
WK Bae, J Kwak, J Lim, D Lee, MK Nam, K Char, C Lee, S Lee
Nano letters 10 (7), 2368-2373, 2010
InP@ ZnSeS, core@ composition gradient shell quantum dots with enhanced stability
J Lim, WK Bae, D Lee, MK Nam, J Jung, C Lee, K Char, S Lee
Chemistry of Materials 23 (20), 4459-4463, 2011
Influence of Shell Thickness on the Performance of Light‐Emitting Devices Based on CdSe/Zn1‐XCdXS Core/Shell Heterostructured Quantum Dots
J Lim, BG Jeong, M Park, JK Kim, JM Pietryga, YS Park, VI Klimov, C Lee, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (47), 8034-8040, 2014
R/G/B/natural white light thin colloidal quantum dot‐based light‐emitting devices
WK Bae, J Lim, D Lee, M Park, H Lee, J Kwak, K Char, C Lee, S Lee
Advanced materials 26 (37), 6387-6393, 2014
Doctor-blade deposition of quantum dots onto standard window glass for low-loss large-area luminescent solar concentrators
H Li, K Wu, J Lim, HJ Song, VI Klimov
Nature Energy 1 (12), 1-9, 2016
Perspective on synthesis, device structures, and printing processes for quantum dot displays
J Lim, WK Bae, J Kwak, S Lee, C Lee, K Char
Optical Materials Express 2 (5), 594-628, 2012
Optical gain in colloidal quantum dots achieved with direct-current electrical pumping
J Lim, YS Park, VI Klimov
Nature materials 17 (1), 42-49, 2018
Effect of Auger recombination on lasing in heterostructured quantum dots with engineered core/shell interfaces
YS Park, WK Bae, T Baker, J Lim, VI Klimov
Nano Letters 15 (11), 7319-7328, 2015
Droop-free colloidal quantum dot light-emitting diodes
J Lim, YS Park, K Wu, HJ Yun, VI Klimov
Nano letters 18 (10), 6645-6653, 2018
Quality factor of luminescent solar concentrators and practical concentration limits attainable with semiconductor quantum dots
VI Klimov, TA Baker, J Lim, KA Velizhanin, H McDaniel
Acs Photonics 3 (6), 1138-1148, 2016
High-power genuine ultraviolet light-emitting diodes based on colloidal nanocrystal quantum dots
J Kwak, J Lim, M Park, S Lee, K Char, C Lee
Nano letters 15 (6), 3793-3799, 2015
Characterization of quantum dot/conducting polymer hybrid films and their application to light‐emitting diodes
J Kwak, WK Bae, M Zorn, H Woo, H Yoon, J Lim, SW Kang, S Weber, ...
Advanced materials 21 (48), 5022-5026, 2009
Towards zero-threshold optical gain using charged semiconductor quantum dots
K Wu, YS Park, J Lim, VI Klimov
Nature Nanotechnology 12 (12), 1140-1147, 2017
Controlled synthesis of CdSe tetrapods with high morphological uniformity by the persistent kinetic growth and the halide-mediated phase transformation
J Lim, WK Bae, KU Park, L zur Borg, R Zentel, S Lee, K Char
Chemistry of Materials 25 (8), 1443-1449, 2013
Design Principle for Bright, Robust, and Color-Pure InP/ZnSexS1–x/ZnS Heterostructures
D Hahm, JH Chang, BG Jeong, P Park, J Kim, S Lee, J Choi, WD Kim, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (9), 3476-3484, 2019
Deep blue light-emitting diodes based on Cd1− xZnxS@ ZnS quantum dots
WK Bae, J Kwak, J Lim, D Lee, MK Nam, K Char, C Lee, S Lee
Nanotechnology 20 (7), 075202, 2009
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