Prashant Nagpal
Prashant Nagpal
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Ultrasmooth patterned metals for plasmonics and metamaterials
P Nagpal, NC Lindquist, SH Oh, DJ Norris
Science 325 (5940), 594-597, 2009
Engineering metallic nanostructures for plasmonics and nanophotonics
NC Lindquist, P Nagpal, KM McPeak, DJ Norris, SH Oh
Reports on Progress in Physics 75 (3), 036501, 2012
Role of mid-gap states in charge transport and photoconductivity in semiconductor nanocrystal films
P Nagpal, VI Klimov
Nature communications 2 (1), 1-7, 2011
Template-stripped smooth Ag nanohole arrays with silica shells for surface plasmon resonance biosensing
H Im, SH Lee, NJ Wittenberg, TW Johnson, NC Lindquist, P Nagpal, ...
ACS nano 5 (8), 6244-6253, 2011
Three-dimensional plasmonic nanofocusing
NC Lindquist, P Nagpal, A Lesuffleur, DJ Norris, SH Oh
Nano letters 10 (4), 1369-1373, 2010
Plasmon-enhanced energy transfer for improved upconversion of infrared radiation in doped-lanthanide nanocrystals
QC Sun, H Mundoor, JC Ribot, V Singh, II Smalyukh, P Nagpal
Nano letters 14 (1), 101-106, 2014
Photoexcited quantum dots for killing multidrug-resistant bacteria
CM Courtney, SM Goodman, JA McDaniel, NE Madinger, A Chatterjee, ...
Nature materials 15 (5), 529-534, 2016
Efficient low-temperature thermophotovoltaic emitters from metallic photonic crystals
P Nagpal, SE Han, A Stein, DJ Norris
Nano letters 8 (10), 3238-3243, 2008
Single‐crystalline silver films for plasmonics
JH Park, P Ambwani, M Manno, NC Lindquist, P Nagpal, SH Oh, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (29), 3988-3992, 2012
Measurement of electronic states of PbS nanocrystal quantum dots using scanning tunneling spectroscopy: the role of parity selection rules in optical absorption
B Diaconescu, LA Padilha, P Nagpal, BS Swartzentruber, VI Klimov
Physical review letters 110 (12), 127406, 2013
Spectral dependence of nanocrystal photoionization probability: the role of hot-carrier transfer
LA Padilha, I Robel, DC Lee, P Nagpal, JM Pietryga, VI Klimov
ACS nano 5 (6), 5045-5055, 2011
Photocatalysis deconstructed: design of a new selective catalyst for artificial photosynthesis
V Singh, IJC Beltran, JC Ribot, P Nagpal
Nano letters 14 (2), 597-603, 2014
Fabrication of carbon/refractory metal nanocomposites as thermally stable metallic photonic crystals
P Nagpal, DP Josephson, NR Denny, J DeWilde, DJ Norris, A Stein
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (29), 10836-10843, 2011
Potentiating antibiotics in drug-resistant clinical isolates via stimuli-activated superoxide generation
CM Courtney, SM Goodman, TA Nagy, M Levy, P Bhusal, NE Madinger, ...
Science advances 3 (10), e1701776, 2017
Thermally stable organic–inorganic hybrid photoresists for fabrication of photonic band gap structures with direct laser writing
Y Jun, P Nagpal, DJ Norris
Advanced materials 20 (3), 606-610, 2008
Plasmonic nanofocusing with a metallic pyramid and an integrated C-shaped aperture
NC Lindquist, TW Johnson, P Nagpal, DJ Norris, SH Oh
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-6, 2013
Improved dielectric functions in metallic films obtained via template stripping
J Hyuk Park, P Nagpal, SH Oh, DJ Norris
Applied Physics Letters 100 (8), 081105, 2012
Split-wedge antennas with sub-5 nm gaps for plasmonic nanofocusing
X Chen, NC Lindquist, DJ Klemme, P Nagpal, DJ Norris, SH Oh
Nano letters 16 (12), 7849-7856, 2016
Fabrication of smooth patterned structures of refractory metals, semiconductors, and oxides via template stripping
JH Park, P Nagpal, KM McPeak, NC Lindquist, SH Oh, DJ Norris
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (19), 9701-9708, 2013
Copper plasmonics and catalysis: role of electron–phonon interactions in dephasing localized surface plasmons
QC Sun, Y Ding, SM Goodman, HH Funke, P Nagpal
Nanoscale 6 (21), 12450-12457, 2014
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