Vinod Kumar Sharma
Vinod Kumar Sharma
Senior Scientist ENEA Research Centre Trisaia
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Anaerobic digestion of semi-solid organic waste: biogas production and its purification
G Lastella, C Testa, G Cornacchia, M Notornicola, F Voltasio, VK Sharma
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K Ullah, M Ahmad, VK Sharma, P Lu, A Harvey, M Zafar, S Sultana, ...
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Correction of cubitus varus by French or dome osteotomy: a comparative study
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Inclined-plug-flow type reactor for anaerobic digestion of semi-solid waste
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Efficiency test of solar collectors: uncertainty in the estimation of regression parameters and sensitivity analysis
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Disposal of waste tyres for energy recovery and safe environment
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Photovoltaic technology: basic concepts, sizing of a stand alone photovoltaic system for domestic applications and preliminary economic analysis
VK Sharma, A Colangelo, G Spagna
Energy Conversion and Management 36 (3), 161-174, 1995
A comparative evaluation of C-reactive protein as a short-term prognostic marker in severe unstable angina-a preliminary study
S Bhagat, M Gaiha, VK Sharma, S Anuradha
J Assoc Physicians India 51 (4), 349-354, 2003
The insight views of advanced technologies and its application in bio-origin fuel synthesis from lignocellulose biomasses waste, a review
ZW K Ullah, V.K. Sharma, M Ahmad, P LV, J Krahl
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 82, 3992-4008, 2017
Design and performance studies of a solar dryer suitable for rural applications
VK Sharma, S Sharma, RA Ray, HP Garg
Energy Conversion and Management 26 (1), 111-119, 1986
Topical Gel: A Novel approach for drug delivery
S Bharadwaj, GD Gupta, VK Sharma
Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences (JCBPS) 2 (2), 856, 2012
Synthesis and characterization of CeFeO3 photocatalyst used in photocatalytic bleaching of gentian violet
J Ameta, A Kumar, R Ameta, VK Sharma, SC Ameta
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 6, 293-299, 2009
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