Nathan J. Wittenberg
Nathan J. Wittenberg
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Lehigh University
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Recent progress in SERS biosensing
KC Bantz, AF Meyer, NJ Wittenberg, H Im, Ö Kurtuluş, SH Lee, ...
Physical chemistry chemical physics 13 (24), 11551-11567, 2011
Template-stripped smooth Ag nanohole arrays with silica shells for surface plasmon resonance biosensing
H Im, SH Lee, NJ Wittenberg, TW Johnson, NC Lindquist, P Nagpal, ...
ACS nano 5 (8), 6244-6253, 2011
Artificial cells: unique insights into exocytosis using liposomes and lipid nanotubes
AS Cans, N Wittenberg, R Karlsson, L Sombers, M Karlsson, O Orwar, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (2), 400-404, 2003
The effects of vesicular volume on secretion through the fusion pore in exocytotic release from PC12 cells
LA Sombers, HJ Hanchar, TL Colliver, N Wittenberg, A Cans, S Arbault, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 24 (2), 303-309, 2004
Infrared plasmonic biosensor for real-time and label-free monitoring of lipid membranes
O Limaj, D Etezadi, NJ Wittenberg, D Rodrigo, D Yoo, SH Oh, H Altug
Nano letters 16 (2), 1502-1508, 2016
Membrane protein biosensing with plasmonic nanopore arrays and pore-spanning lipid membranes
H Im, NJ Wittenberg, A Lesuffleur, NC Lindquist, SH Oh
Chemical science 1 (6), 688-696, 2010
Promises and challenges of nanoplasmonic devices for refractometric biosensing
AB Dahlin, NJ Wittenberg, F Höök, SH Oh
Nanophotonics 2 (2), 83-101, 2013
Real-time full-spectral imaging and affinity measurements from 50 microfluidic channels using nanohole surface plasmon resonance
SH Lee, NC Lindquist, NJ Wittenberg, LR Jordan, SH Oh
Lab on a Chip 12 (20), 3882-3890, 2012
Resolving molecule-specific information in dynamic lipid membrane processes with multi-resonant infrared metasurfaces
D Rodrigo, A Tittl, N Ait-Bouziad, A John-Herpin, O Limaj, C Kelly, D Yoo, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-9, 2018
Atomic layer deposition (ALD): a versatile technique for plasmonics and nanobiotechnology
H Im, NJ Wittenberg, NC Lindquist, SH Oh
Journal of materials research 27 (4), 663, 2012
Using nanoparticles to push the limits of detection
NJ Wittenberg, CL Haynes
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 1 (2 …, 2009
Facile assembly of micro-and nanoarrays for sensing with natural cell membranes
NJ Wittenberg, H Im, TW Johnson, X Xu, AE Warrington, M Rodriguez, ...
ACS nano 5 (9), 7555-7564, 2011
High-affinity binding of remyelinating natural autoantibodies to myelin-mimicking lipid bilayers revealed by nanohole surface plasmon resonance
NJ Wittenberg, H Im, X Xu, B Wootla, J Watzlawik, AE Warrington, ...
Analytical chemistry 84 (14), 6031-6039, 2012
Plasmonic nanohole sensor for capturing single virus‐like particles toward virucidal drug evaluation
JA Jackman, E Linardy, D Yoo, J Seo, WB Ng, DJ Klemme, NJ Wittenberg, ...
Small 12 (9), 1159-1166, 2016
Reconstituting ring-rafts in bud-mimicking topography of model membranes
YS Ryu, IH Lee, JH Suh, SC Park, S Oh, LR Jordan, NJ Wittenberg, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-8, 2014
Amperometric detection of exocytosis in an artificial synapse
AS Cans, N Wittenberg, D Eves, R Karlsson, A Karlsson, O Orwar, ...
Analytical chemistry 75 (16), 4168-4175, 2003
Topographically flat substrates with embedded nanoplasmonic devices for biosensing
J Jose, LR Jordan, TW Johnson, SH Lee, NJ Wittenberg, SH Oh
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (22), 2812-2820, 2013
Quantitative and real-time detection of secretion of chemical messengers from individual platelets
S Ge, NJ Wittenberg, CL Haynes
Biochemistry 47 (27), 7020-7024, 2008
Nanopore-induced spontaneous concentration for optofluidic sensing and particle assembly
S Kumar, NJ Wittenberg, SH Oh
Analytical chemistry 85 (2), 971-977, 2013
A natural human IgM that binds to gangliosides is therapeutic in murine models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
X Xu, A Denic, LR Jordan, NJ Wittenberg, AE Warrington, B Wootla, ...
Disease models & mechanisms 8 (8), 831-842, 2015
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