Wiebke Schulz
Wiebke Schulz
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What drives the development of social inequality over the life course? The German TwinLife Study
E Hahn, J Gottschling, W Bleidorn, C Kandler, M Spengler, AE Kornadt, ...
Twin Research and Human Genetics 19 (6), 659-672, 2016
Careers of men and women in the 19th and 20th centuries
W Schulz
Utrecht University, 2013
Pathways of intergenerational transmission of advantages during adolescence: social background, cognitive ability, and educational attainment
W Schulz, R Schunck, M Diewald, W Johnson
Journal of youth and adolescence 46 (10), 2194-2214, 2017
Studying career success—the role of resources and norms for occupational status attainment in the Netherlands, 1865–1940
W Schulz, I Maas
European Sociological Review 28 (2), 220-240, 2012
Status attainment and social mobility
M Diewald, T Baier, W Schulz, R Schunck
Social Demography Forschung an der Schnittstelle von Soziologie und …, 2016
Occupational career attainment during modernization. A study of Dutch men in 841 municipalities between 1865 and 1928
W Schulz, I Maas, MHD van Leeuwen
Acta Sociologica 58 (1), 5-24, 2015
Studying historical occupational careers with multilevel growth models
W Schulz, I Maas
Demographic Research 23, 669-696, 2010
M Diewald, R Riemann, FM Spinath, J Gottschling, E Hahn, AE Kornadt, ...
GESIS Data Archive, Cologne, ZA6701 Data file Version 1.0, 2016
Employer's choice–Selection through job advertisements in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
W Schulz, I Maas, MHD Van Leeuwen
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 36, 49-68, 2014
When women disappear from the labour market: Occupational status of Dutch women at marriage in a modernizing society, 1865–1922
W Schulz, I Maas, MHD Van Leeuwen
The History of the Family 19 (4), 426-446, 2014
A longitudinal twin family study of the life course and individual development (TWINLIFE): Data collection and instruments of wave 1 face-to-face interviews
J Brix, M Pupeter, A Rysina, G Steinacker, U Schneekloth, T Baier, ...
Intergenerational downward mobility in educational attainment and occupational careers in West Germany in the twentieth century
M Diewald, W Schulz, T Baier
European Sociological Review 31 (2), 172-183, 2015
Is there something special about twin families? A comparison of parenting styles in twin and non-twin families
B Mönkediek, W Schulz, H Eichhorn, M Diewald
Social science research 90, 102441, 2020
Occupational career attainment of single women during modernization: The logic of industrialism thesis revisited
W Schulz
European Societies 17 (4), 467-491, 2015
Resource Compensation or Multiplication? The Interplay between Cognitive Ability and Social Origin in Explaining Educational Attainment
K Stienstra, I Maas, A Knigge, W Schulz
European Sociological Review, 2020
The variability of occupational attainment: How prestige trajectories diversified within birth cohorts over the twentieth century
PM Lersch, W Schulz, G Leckie
American Sociological Review 85 (6), 1084-1116, 2020
TwinLife. GESIS Datenarchiv, Köln. ZA6701 Datenfile Version 1.0.0
M Diewald, R Riemann, FM Spinath, J Gottschling, E Hahn, AE Kornadt, ...
GESIS Datenarchiv, Köln. ZA6701 Datenfile Version 1.0.0, doi:10.4232/1.12665, 2016
Family dissolution and educational attainment: a cross-cohort comparison in the former East and West Germany
W Schulz
PAA, 2016
Social Change, Cohort Inequalities, and Life Courses in Germany since the 1920’s–Contributions from the German Life History Study Guest Editor: Karl Ulrich Mayer Notes on …
KU Mayer, PN Blossfeld, GJ Blossfeld, HP Blossfeld, M Jacob, H Solga, ...
European Sociological Review 31 (2), 2015
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KU Mayer, PN Blossfeld, GJ Blossfeld, HP Blossfeld, M Jacob, H Solga, ...
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