Banks and Bank Systems, ISSN 1816-7403 (print), 1991-7074 (online)
Banks and Bank Systems, ISSN 1816-7403 (print), 1991-7074 (online)
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The lending channel in emerging economics: Are foreign banks different?
M Arena, C Reinhart, F Vázquez
Banks and Bank Systems 5 (2), 20-50, 2010
Concentration, competition, efficiency and profitability of the Turkish banking sector in the post-crises period
OF Abbasoğlu, AF Aysan, A Gunes
Banks and Bank Systems 2 (3), 106-115, 2007
Credit card fraud and detection techniques: a review
L Delamaire, HAH Abdou, J Pointon
Banks and Bank systems 4 (2), 57-68, 2009
How did Islamic banks do during global financial crisis?
SP Parashar
Banks and Bank systems 5 (4), 54-62, 2010
Trends in the efficiency of Singapore's commercial banking groups: A non-stochastic frontier DEA window analysis approach
F Sufian
International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 1 (2), 144-166, 2006
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) banking sector: topography and analysis
A Al-Hassan, M Khamis, N Oulidi
Banks and Bank Systems 5 (3), 15-28, 2010
Market structure, efficiency and performance of banking industry in Sri Lanka
L Seelanatha
Banks and Bank Systems 5 (1), 20-31, 2010
Wealth effects on consumption-evidence from the euro area
RM Sousa
Banks and Bank Systems 5 (2), 70-78, 2010
Factors influencing small and medium enterprises (SMEs): an exploratory study of owner/manager and firm characteristics
A Woldie, P Leighton, A Adesua
Banks and Bank Systems 3 (3), 5-13, 2008
Bank failure in Nigeria: a consequence of capital inadequacy, lack of transparency and non-performing loans
B Adeyemi
Banks and Bank Systems 6 (1), 99-109, 2011
A Survey of Customer Retention in the New Zealand Banking Industry
C Gan, D Cohen, M Clemes, E Chong
Banks and Bank Systems 1 (4), 83-99, 2006
Effects of image and advertising efficiency on customer loyalty and antecedents of loyalty: Turkish banks sample
E Cengiz, H Ayyildiz, B Er
Banks and Bank Systems 2 (1), 56-78, 2007
Institutional, nominal and real convergence in Europe
E Marelli, M Signorelli
Banks and bank systems 5 (2 (cont.)), 140-155, 2010
Determinants of non-performing loans – evidence from Southeastern European banking systems
M Ćurak, S Pepur, K Poposki
Banks and Bank Systems 8 (1), 45-53, 2013
Customer switching behaviour in the New Zealand banking industry
MD Clemes, C Gan, LY Zheng
Banks and Bank Systems 2 (4), 50-65, 2007
Early warning systems for systemic banking risk: Critical review and modeling implications
D Gramlich, G Miller, MV Oet, SJ Ong
Banks and Bank Systems 5 (2 (cont.)), 199-211, 2010
Internet banking: an initial look at Ghanaian bank consumer perceptions
A Woldie, R Hinson, H Iddrisu, R Boateng
Banks and Bank Systems 3 (3), 35-46, 2008
Customer retention by banks in New Zealand
D Cohen, C Gan, HHA Yong, E Chong
Banks and Bank Systems 2 (1), 40-55, 2007
Credit risk, Capital Structure and lending decisions of banks in Ghana
M Amidu, R Hinson, М Аміду, Р Хінсон
Banks and Bank Systems 1 (1), 93-101, 2006
The pricing of government-guaranteed bank bonds
A Levy, A Zaghini
Banks and Bank Systems 6 (3), 16-24, 2011
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