Huong Tran
Huong Tran
PhD Candidate
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Systematic study of Si-based GeSn photodiodes with 2.6 µm detector cutoff for short-wave infrared detection
T Pham, W Du, H Tran, J Margetis, J Tolle, G Sun, RA Soref, HA Naseem, ...
Optics express 24 (5), 4519-4531, 2016
Si based GeSn photoconductors with a 1.63 A/W peak responsivity and a 2.4 μm long-wavelength cutoff
BR Conley, J Margetis, W Du, H Tran, A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, J Tolle, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (22), 221117, 2014
Systematic study of Ge1−xSnx absorption coefficient and refractive index for the device applications of Si-based optoelectronics
H Tran, W Du, SA Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, G Sun, RA Soref, J Margetis, J Tolle, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (10), 103106, 2016
Optically pumped GeSn lasers operating at 270 K with broad waveguide structures on Si
Y Zhou, W Dou, W Du, S Ojo, H Tran, SA Ghetmiri, J Liu, G Sun, R Soref, ...
ACS Photonics 6 (6), 1434-1441, 2019
High performance Ge0.89Sn0.11 photodiodes for low-cost shortwave infrared imaging
H Tran, T Pham, W Du, Y Zhang, PC Grant, JM Grant, G Sun, RA Soref, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 124 (1), 013101, 2018
All group-IV SiGeSn/GeSn/SiGeSn QW laser on Si operating up to 90 K
J Margetis, Y Zhou, W Dou, PC Grant, B Alharthi, W Du, A Wadsworth, ...
Applied Physics Letters 113 (22), 221104, 2018
Si-Based GeSn Photodetectors toward Mid-Infrared Imaging Applications
SQY Huong Tran, Thach Pham, Joe Margetis, Yiyin Zhou, Wei Dou, Perry C ...
ACS Photonics 6 (11), 2807-2815, 2019
Si-based GeSn photodetectors toward mid-infrared imaging applications
H Tran, T Pham, J Margetis, Y Zhou, W Dou, PC Grant, JM Grant, ...
ACS Photonics 6 (11), 2807-2815, 2019
Enhancement of material quality of (Si) GeSn films grown by SnCl4 precursor
A Mosleh, MA Alher, L Cousar, H Abusafe, W Dou, P Grant, S Al-Kabi, ...
ECS Transactions 69 (5), 279, 2015
UHV-CVD growth of high quality GeSn using SnCl4: from material growth development to prototype devices
PC Grant, W Dou, B Alharthi, JM Grant, H Tran, G Abernathy, A Mosleh, ...
Optical Materials Express 9 (8), 3277-3291, 2019
Crystalline GeSn growth by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
W Dou, B Alharthi, PC Grant, JM Grant, A Mosleh, H Tran, W Du, ...
Optical Materials Express 8 (10), 3220-3229, 2018
Development of SiGeSn Technique Towards Mid-Infrared Devices in Silicon Photonics
W Du, S Al-Kabi, S Ghetmiri, H Tran, T Pham, B Alharthi, A Mosleh, ...
ECS Transactions 75 (8), 231, 2016
Study of material and optical properties of SixGe1-x-ySny alloys for Si-based optoelectronic device applications
B Alharthi, J Margetis, H Tran, S Al-kabi, W Dou, SA Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, ...
Optical Materials Express 7 (10), 3517-3528, 2017
Silicon-based GeSn photodetector and light emitter towards mid-Infrared applications
W Du, S Ghetmiri, S Al-Kabi, A Mosleh, T Pham, Y Zhou, H Tran, G Sun, ...
Silicon Photonics XII 10108, 1010813, 2017
Si based mid-infrared GeSn photo detectors and light emitters
W Du, T Pham, J Margetis, H Tran, SA Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, G Sun, ...
Optical Sensing, Imaging, and Photon Counting: Nanostructured Devices and …, 2015
Photovoltage spectroscopy of direct and indirect bandgaps of strained Ge1-xSnx thin films on a Ge/Si (001) substrate
SV Kondratenko, YV Hyrka, YI Mazur, AV Kuchuk, W Dou, H Tran, ...
Acta Materialia 171, 40-47, 2019
Development of SiGeSn technique towards integrated mid-infrared photonics applications
SQ Yu, S Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, M Mortazavi, W Du, G Sun, R Soref, ...
2019 IEEE BiCMOS and Compound semiconductor Integrated Circuits and …, 2019
Study of GeSn mid-infrared photodetectors for high frequency applications
H Tran, CG Littlejohns, DJ Thomson, T Pham, A Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, ...
Frontiers in Materials 6, 2019
Study of High Performance GeSn Photodetectors with Cutoff Wavelength up to 3.7 µm for Low-Cost Infrared Imaging
H Tran, T Pham, J Margetis, Y Zhou, W Dou, PC Grant, JM Grant, S Alkabi, ...
CLEO: Science and Innovations, STh4O. 6, 2019
Si-based mid-infrared GeSn-Edge-emitting laser with operating temperature up to 260 K
Y Zhou, W Dou, W Du, S Ojo, H Tran, S Ghetmiri, J Liu, G Sun, R Soref, ...
CLEO: Applications and Technology, AW3P. 3, 2019
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