Pinkuan Zhu
Pinkuan Zhu
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OsCERK1-Mediated Chitin Perception and Immune Signaling Requires Receptor-like Cytoplasmic Kinase 185 to Activate an MAPK Cascade in Rice
C Wang, G Wang, C Zhang, P Zhu, H Dai, N Yu, Z He, L Xu, E Wang
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Congenic strains of the filamentous form of Cryptococcus neoformans for studies of fungal morphogenesis and virulence
B Zhai, P Zhu, D Foyle, S Upadhyay, A Idnurm, X Lin
Infection and immunity 81 (7), 2626-2637, 2013
Transmission of hypervirulence traits via sexual reproduction within and between lineages of the human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus gattii
K Voelz, H Ma, S Phadke, EJ Byrnes, P Zhu, O Mueller, RA Farrer, ...
PLoS genetics 9 (9), e1003771, 2013
Ethylene produced by Botrytis cinerea can affect early fungal development and can be used as a marker for infection during storage of grapes
P Zhu, L Xu, C Zhang, H Toyoda, SS Gan
Postharvest biology and technology 66, 23-29, 2012
Congenic strains for genetic analysis of virulence traits in Cryptococcus gattii
P Zhu, B Zhai, X Lin, A Idnurm
Infection and immunity 81 (7), 2616-2625, 2013
Loss of bcbrn1 and bcpks13 in Botrytis cinerea Not Only Blocks Melanization But Also Increases Vegetative Growth and Virulence
C Zhang, Y He, P Zhu, L Chen, Y Wang, B Ni, L Xu
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 28 (10), 1091-1101, 2015
Disruption of a phytochrome-like histidine kinase gene by homologous recombination leads to a significant reduction in vegetative growth, sclerotia production, and the …
Y Hu, J He, Y Wang, P Zhu, C Zhang, R Lu, L Xu
Physiological and molecular plant pathology 85, 25-33, 2014
Market disease pathogens detection of imported fruits in Shanghai
Y Bo, YU Yue, Y WANG, LIU Yi, XU Zhen, LIU Yan, P ZHU, W ZHANG, ...
Agricultural Sciences in China 8 (9), 1087-1096, 2009
Exploitable regulatory effects of light on growth and development of Botrytis cinerea
P Zhu, C Zhang, H Xiao, Y Wang, H Toyoda, L Xu
Journal of plant pathology, 509-517, 2013
Fusarium asiaticum: an emerging pathogen jeopardizing postharvest asparagus spears
P Zhu, L Wu, L Liu, L Huang, Y Wang, W Tang, L Xu
Journal of Phytopathology 161 (10), 696-703, 2013
Ethylene production by Alternaria alternata and its association with virulence on inoculated grape berries
P Zhu, Z Xu, Z Cui, Z Zhang, L Xu
Phytoparasitica, 1-7, 2017
First report of the melon stem rot disease in protected cultivation caused by Pseudomonas fluorescens
C Zhang, T Lin, J Li, G Ma, Y Wang, P Zhu, L Xu
Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection 123 (5), 247-255, 2016
Phomopsis vaccinii: the Main Pathogen Causing Market Diseases in Kiwifruit
Q Li, L Chen, Y Yu, Y Wang, P Zhu, L Xu, T Nonomura, Y Matsuda, ...
関西病虫害研究会報 57, 31-35, 2015
Bcpks12 gene inactivation substantiates biological functions of sclerotium melanization in Botrytis cinerea
P Zhu, Q Li, C Zhang, Y Na, L Xu
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 98, 80-84, 2017
A simplified method for screening ethylene-producing phytopathogenic fungi
Y Liu, P Zhu, Z Xu, L Xu, T Nonomura, Y Matsuda, H Toyoda
Annual Report of The Kansai Plant Protection Society 53, 7-12, 2011
Identification and Characterization of Brown Rot on Import Carambola Caused by Fusarium proliferatum in Shanghai
T Lin, C Zhang, P Zhu, L Xu, T Nonomura, Y Matsuda, H Toyoda
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Postharvest Black Spot Disease in Broccoli Caused by Alternaria brassicicola
Y Liu, Z Xu, P Zhu, Y Liu, Z Zhang, L Xu, H Toyoda
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Botrytis squamosa: The Pathogen of Market Disease of Garlic Sprouts
L Liu, P Zhu, Y Wang, L Wu, C Zhang, L Xu, H Zou, T Nonomura, ...
Annual Report of The Kansai Plant Protection Society 55, 31-35, 2013
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