Euclydes Marega Jr.
Euclydes Marega Jr.
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Exciton localization and temperature stability in self‐organized InAs quantum dots
DI Lubyshev, PP González‐Borrero, E Marega Jr, E Petitprez, ...
Applied physics letters 68, 205, 1996
Aharonov-Bohm interference in neutral excitons: effects of built-in electric fields
MD Teodoro, VL Campo Jr, V Lopez-Richard, E Marega Jr, GE Marques, ...
Physical review letters 104 (8), 86401, 2010
Efficient plasmonic coupling between Er3+:(Ag/Au) in tellurite glasses
VAG Rivera, Y Ledemi, SPA Osorio, D Manzani, Y Messaddeq, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 358 (2), 399-405, 2012
High index orientation effects of strained self‐assembled InGaAs quantum dots
DI Lubyshev, PP González‐Borrero, E Marega Jr, E Petitprez, P Basmaji
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 1996
Spin splitting of the electron ground states of InAs quantum dots
G Medeiros-Ribeiro, MVB Pinheiro, VL Pimentel, E Marega
Applied physics letters 80, 4229, 2002
Growth of silver nano-particle embedded in tellurite glass: Interaction between localized surface plasmon resonance and Er3+ ions
VAG Rivera, SPA Osorio, D Manzani, Y Messaddeq, L Nunes, ...
Optical Materials 33 (6), 888-892, 2011
Localized surface plasmon resonance interaction with Er3+-doped tellurite glass
VAG Rivera, SPA Osorio, Y Ledemi, D Manzani, Y Messaddeq, ...
Optics Express 18 (24), 25321-25328, 2010
Plasmonics: Principles and Applications
KY Kim
BoD–Books on Demand, 2012
InAs/GaAs quantum dots optically active at 1.5 μm
MJ Da Silva, AA Quivy, S Martini, TE Lamas, ECF Da Silva, JR Leite
Applied physics letters 82, 2646, 2003
Localized surface plasmon resonances: noble metal nanoparticle interaction with rare-earth ions
VAG Rivera, FA Ferri, E Marega Jr
Plasmonics-Principles and Applications, 283-312, 2012
Directed self-assembly of quantum structures by nanomechanical stamping using probe tips
C Taylor, E Marega, EA Stach, G Salamo, L Hussey, M Muñoz, A Malshe
Nanotechnology 19, 015301, 2008
Expanding broadband emission in the near-IR via energy transfer between Er3+–Tm3+ co-doped tellurite-glasses
VAG Rivera, M El-Amraoui, Y Ledemi, Y Messaddeq, E Marega Jr
Journal of luminescence 145, 787-792, 2014
Laterally aligned quantum rings: from one-dimensional chains to two-dimensional arrays
J Wu, ZM Wang, K Holmes, E Marega Jr, Z Zhou, H Li, YI Mazur, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (20), 203117, 2012
Plasmonic Coupling in Er3+:Au Tellurite Glass
SPA Osorio, VAG Rivera, LAO Nunes, E Marega, D Manzani, ...
Plasmonics 7 (1), 53-58, 2012
Tunable plasmon resonance modes on gold nanoparticles in Er3+-doped germanium–tellurite glass
VAG Rivera, Y Ledemi, SPA Osorio, D Manzani, FA Ferri, SJL Ribeiro, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 378, 126-134, 2013
Influence of adiabatic following and optical pumping in the production of an intense steady flux of slow atoms
VS Bagnato, C Salomon, E Marega, SC Zilio
JOSA B 8 (3), 497-501, 1991
Shape transformation during overgrowth of InGaAs/GaAs (001) quantum rings
M Hanke, YI Mazur, E Marega, ZY AbuWaar, GJ Salamo, P Schafer, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (4), 043103-043103-3, 2007
Collective plasmon-modes in gain media: quantum emitters and plasmonic nanostructures
VAG Rivera, OB Silva, Y Ledemi, Y Messaddeq, E Marega Jr
Springer, 2014
Measurement of coherent tunneling between InGaAs quantum wells and InAs quantum dots using photoluminescence spectroscopy
YI Mazur, VG Dorogan, D Guzun, E Marega Jr, GJ Salamo, GG Tarasov, ...
Physical Review B 82 (15), 155413, 2010
Green-to-red light tuning by up-conversion emission via energy transfer in Er3+–Tm3+-codoped germanium–tellurite glasses
VAG Rivera, Y Ledemi, M El-Amraoui, Y Messaddeq, E Marega Jr
Journal of non-crystalline solids 392, 45-50, 2014
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