Andrey A. Svinarenko, А.A. Свинаренко
Andrey A. Svinarenko, А.A. Свинаренко
Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Odessa State Environmental University
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Cooperative laser‐electron‐nuclear processes: QED calculation of electron satellites spectra for multi‐charged ion in laser field
AV Glushkov, SV Malinovskaya, YG Chernyakova, AA Svinarenko
International journal of quantum chemistry 99 (6), 889-893, 2004
QED calculation of the superheavy elements ions: energy levels, radiative corrections and hfs for different nuclear models
AV Glushkov, SV Ambrosov, AV Loboda, SAA Chernyakova Yu, ...
Nucl. Phys. A.: nucl. and hadr. Phys 734, 21-28, 2004
Optimized perturbation theory scheme for calculating the interatomic potentials and hyperfine lines shift for heavy atoms in the buffer inert gas
SV Malinovskaya, AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, AA Svinarenko, ...
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 109 (14), 3325-3329, 2009
Methods of computational mathematics and mathematical physics, P. 1
AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, AA Svinarenko, VV Buyadzhi
TES, 2015
Relativistic Theory of Cooperative Muon–γ-Nuclear Processes: Negative Muon Capture and Metastable Nucleus Discharge
AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, AA Svinarenko
Advances in the theory of quantum systems in chemistry and physics, 51-68, 2012
Energy Approach to Atoms in a Laser Filed and Quantum Dynamics with Laser Pulses of Different Shape
A Glushkov, O Khetselius, A Svinarenko, G Prepelitsa
Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Emission, 2010
QED approach to atoms in a laser field: Multi-photon resonances and above threshold ionization
AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, AV Loboda, AA Svinarenko
Frontiers in Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics, 543-560, 2008
Spectroscopy of autoionization states of heavy atoms and multiply charged ions
AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, AA Svinarenko, VV Buyadzhi
TEC: Odessa, 2015
Radiative and collisional spectroscopy of hyperfine lines of the Li-like heavy ions and Tl atom in an atmosphere of inert gases
OY Khetselius, TA Florko, AA Svinarenko, TB Tkach
Physica Scripta. T 153, 014037, 2013
Study of spectra for lanthanides atoms with relativistic many-body perturbation theory: Rydberg resonances
AA Svinarenko
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 548 (1), 012039, 2014
Theoretical spectroscopy of autoionization resonances in spectra of lanthanide atoms
AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, AA Svinarenko
Physica Scripta. T 153, 014029, 2013
QED theory of radiation emission and absorption lines for atoms in a strong laser field
A Glushkov, A Loboda, E Gurnitskaya, A Svinarenko
Physica Scripta. T 135, 014022, 2009
Theoretical spectroscopy of rare-earth elements: spectra and autoionization resonances
AA Svinarenko, AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, VB Ternovsky, ...
Rare Earth Element, 83-104, 2017
Relativistic perturbation theory formalism to computing spectra and radiation characteristics: application to heavy element
AV Glushkov, OY Khetselius, AA Svinarenko, VV Buyadzhi, VB Ternovsky, ...
Recent Studies in Perturbation Theory, 131-150, 2017
Collisional shift of the heavy atoms hyperfine lines in an atmosphere of the inert gas
TA Florko, SV Ambrosov, AA Svinarenko, TB Tkach
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 397 (1), 012037, 2012
Sensing hyperfine-structure, electroweak interaction and parity nonconservation effect in heavy atoms and nuclei: new nuclear qed approach
OY Khetselius, YV Dubrovskaya, YM Lopatkin, AA Svinarenko
Sensor Electronics and Microsystem Technologies 7 (2), 11-19, 2010
Computational code in atomic and nuclear quantum optics: Advanced computing multiphoton resonance parameters for atoms in a strong laser field
AV Glushkov, MY Gurskaya, AV Ignatenko, AV Smirnov, IN Serga, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 905 (1), 012004, 2017
Chaos-geometric attractor and quantum neural networks approach to simulation chaotic evolutionary dynamics during perception process
AV Glushkov, AA Svinarenko, VV Buyadzhi, PA Zaichko, VB Ternovsky
Advances in Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Artificial Intelligence …, 2014
Relativistic quantum chemistry: An Advanced approach to the construction of the Green function of the Dirac equation with complex energy and mean-field nuclear Potential
AV Glushkov, AA Svinarenko, OY Khetselius, VV Buyadzhi, TA Florko, ...
Frontiers in Quantum Methods and Applications in Chemistry and Physics …, 2015
Spectroscopy of Rydberg atoms in a Black-body radiation field: Relativistic theory of excitation and ionization
AA Svinarenko, OY Khetselius, VV Buyadzhi, TA Florko, PA Zaichko, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 548 (1), 012048, 2014
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