S. D. Bader
S. D. Bader
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Colloquium: Opportunities in nanomagnetism
SD Bader
Reviews of modern physics 78 (1), 1, 2006
Quantifying spin Hall angles from spin pumping: Experiments and theory
O Mosendz, JE Pearson, FY Fradin, GEW Bauer, SD Bader, A Hoffmann
Physical review letters 104 (4), 046601, 2010
Surface magneto-optic Kerr effect
ZQ Qiu, SD Bader
Review of Scientific Instruments 71 (3), 1243-1255, 2000
SD Bader, SSP Parkin
Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 1 (1), 71-88, 2010
Exchange-spring behavior in epitaxial hard/soft magnetic bilayers
EE Fullerton, JS Jiang, M Grimsditch, CH Sowers, SD Bader
Physical Review B 58 (18), 12193, 1998
Surface, interface, and thin-film magnetism
LM Falicov, DT Pierce, SD Bader, R Gronsky, KB Hathaway, HJ Hopster, ...
Journal of Materials Research 5 (6), 1299-1340, 1990
Biofunctionalized magnetic-vortex microdiscs for targeted cancer-cell destruction
DH Kim, EA Rozhkova, IV Ulasov, SD Bader, T Rajh, MS Lesniak, ...
Nature materials 9 (2), 165-171, 2010
Structural phase diagram of La 1− x Sr x Mn O 3+ δ: Relationship to magnetic and transport properties
JF Mitchell, DN Argyriou, CD Potter, DG Hinks, JD Jorgensen, SD Bader
physical Review B 54 (9), 6172, 1996
Detection and quantification of inverse spin Hall effect from spin pumping in permalloy/normal metal bilayers
O Mosendz, V Vlaminck, JE Pearson, FY Fradin, GEW Bauer, SD Bader, ...
Physical Review B 82 (21), 214403, 2010
Hard/soft magnetic heterostructures: model exchange-spring magnets
EE Fullerton, JS Jiang, SD Bader
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 200 (1-3), 392-404, 1999
Asymmetry of the spin reorientation transition in ultrathin Fe films and wedges grown on Ag (100)
ZQ Qiu, J Pearson, SD Bader
Physical Review Letters 70 (7), 1006, 1993
Magnetic phases of ultrathin Fe grown on Cu (100) as epitaxial wedges
D Li, M Freitag, J Pearson, ZQ Qiu, SD Bader
Physical review letters 72 (19), 3112, 1994
Universal approach to magneto-optics
J Zak, ER Moog, C Liu, SD Bader
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 89 (1-2), 107-123, 1990
Polar Kerr-effect observation of perpendicular surface anisotropy for ultrathin fcc Fe grown on Cu (100)
C Liu, ER Moog, SD Bader
Physical review letters 60 (23), 2422, 1988
Magnetization-Orientation Dependence of the Superconducting Transition Temperature in the Ferromagnet-Superconductor-Ferromagnet System: C u N i/N b/C u N i
JY Gu, CY You, JS Jiang, J Pearson, YB Bazaliy, SD Bader
Physical review letters 89 (26), 267001, 2002
SD Bader
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 100 (1-3), 440-454, 1991
Magneto-optics of multilayers with arbitrary magnetization directions
J Zak, ER Moog, C Liu, SD Bader
Physical Review B 43 (8), 6423, 1991
Magnetic vortex resonance in patterned ferromagnetic dots
V Novosad, FY Fradin, PE Roy, KS Buchanan, KY Guslienko, SD Bader
Physical Review B 72 (2), 024455, 2005
Charge delocalization and structural response in layered La 1.2 Sr 1.8 Mn 2 O 7: Enhanced distortion in the metallic regime
JF Mitchell, DN Argyriou, JD Jorgensen, DG Hinks, CD Potter, SD Bader
Physical Review B 55 (1), 63, 1997
Magnetic vortex core dynamics in cylindrical ferromagnetic dots
KY Guslienko, XF Han, DJ Keavney, R Divan, SD Bader
Physical review letters 96 (6), 067205, 2006
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