Cesare Freda
Cesare Freda
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Dimethyl ether as circular hydrogen carrier: Catalytic aspects of hydrogenation/dehydrogenation steps
E Catizzone, C Freda, G Braccio, F Frusteri, G Bonura
Journal of Energy Chemistry 58, 55-77, 2021
Sewage sludge gasification in a bench scale rotary kiln
C Freda, G Cornacchia, A Romanelli, V Valerio, M Grieco
Fuel 212, 88-94, 2018
Techno-economic assessment of bio-syngas production for methanol synthesis: A focus on the water–gas shift and carbon capture sections
A Giuliano, C Freda, E Catizzone
Bioengineering 7 (3), 70, 2020
Biomass gasification and in-bed contaminants removal: Performance of iron enriched Olivine and bauxite in a process of steam/O2 gasification
D Barisano, C Freda, F Nanna, E Fanelli, A Villone
Bioresource technology 118, 187-194, 2012
Valorization of OFMSW digestate-derived syngas toward methanol, hydrogen, or electricity: Process simulation and carbon footprint calculation
A Giuliano, E Catizzone, C Freda, G Cornacchia
Processes 8 (5), 526, 2020
Simulation of olive pits pyrolysis in a rotary kiln plant
E Benanti, C Freda, V Lorefice, G Braccio, VK Sharma
Thermal science 15 (1), 145-158, 2011
Process simulation and environmental aspects of dimethyl ether production from digestate-derived syngas
A Giuliano, E Catizzone, C Freda
International journal of environmental research and public health 18 (2), 807, 2021
Air gasification of digestate and its co-gasification with residual biomass in a pilot scale rotary kiln
C Freda, F Nanna, A Villone, D Barisano, S Brandani, G Cornacchia
International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering 10 (3), 335-346, 2019
Pyrolysis of automotive shredder residue in a bench scale rotary kiln
M Notarnicola, G Cornacchia, S De Gisi, F Di Canio, C Freda, P Garzone, ...
Waste Management 65, 92-103, 2017
Sintering and mechanical properties of β‐SiC powder obtained from waste tires
G Magnani, S Galvagno, G Sico, S Portofino, C Freda, E Burresi
Journal of Advanced Ceramics 5, 40-46, 2016
Highly Stereoregular Polymerization of 1,3‐Cyclohexadiene in the Presence of Cp2Ni‐MAO Catalyst
P Longo, C Freda, O Ruiz de Ballesteros, F Grisi
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 202 (3), 409-412, 2001
Steam reforming of biofuels for the production of hydrogen-rich gas
A Blasi, G Fiorenza, C Freda, V Calabrò
Membranes for clean and renewable power applications, 145-181, 2014
Numerical simulation of gas-solid flow in an interconnected fluidized bed
G Canneto, C Freda, G Braccio
Thermal Science 19 (1), 317-328, 2015
Investigation of an intensified thermo-chemical experimental set-up for hydrogen production from biomass: gasification process performance—Part I
D Barisano, G Canneto, F Nanna, A Villone, E Fanelli, C Freda, M Grieco, ...
Processes 9 (7), 1104, 2021
Mathematical tool from corn stover TGA to determine its composition
C Freda, F Zimbardi, F Nanna, E Viola
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 167 (8), 2283-2294, 2012
Investigation of an intensified thermo-chemical experimental set-up for hydrogen production from biomass: Gasification process integrated to a portable purification system—Part II
D Barisano, G Canneto, F Nanna, A Villone, E Fanelli, C Freda, M Grieco, ...
Energies 15 (13), 4580, 2022
Combined heat and power production from meat and bone meal via gasification and gas turbine: technical and economic analysis
F Califano, C Mongiello, C Freda
Waste and biomass valorization 8, 975-986, 2017
Environmental and economic impacts of improper materials in the recycling of separated collected food waste through anaerobic digestion and composting
A Le Pera, M Sellaro, F Sicilia, R Ciccoli, B Sceberras, C Freda, E Fanelli, ...
Science of the Total Environment 880, 163240, 2023
Nonvolatile RRAM Cells from polymeric composites embedding recycled SiC powders
A De Girolamo Del Mauro, G Nenna, R Miscioscia, C Freda, S Portofino, ...
Langmuir 30 (41), 12421-12428, 2014
Energy valorization of hydrolytic lignin residue via steam/oxygen gasification
D Barisano, F Nanna, C Freda, A Villone, R Nistri, D Chiaramonti, ...
21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 430-434, 2013
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