Rémi Servien
Rémi Servien
Researcher, INRAE
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Create, run, share, publish, and reference your LC–MS, FIA–MS, GC–MS, and NMR data analysis workflows with the Workflow4Metabolomics 3.0 Galaxy online infrastructure for …
Y Guitton, M Tremblay-Franco, G Le Corguillé, JF Martin, M Pétéra, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 93, 89-101, 2017
Asics: An automatic method for identification and quantification of metabolites in complex 1D 1 H NMR spectra
PJC Tardivel, C Canlet, G Lefort, M Tremblay-Franco, L Debrauwer, ...
Metabolomics 13 (10), 1-9, 2017
Identification and characterization of tebuconazole transformation products in soil by combining suspect screening and molecular typology
V Storck, L Lucini, L Mamy, F Ferrari, ES Papadopoulou, S Nikolaki, ...
Environmental Pollution 208, 537-545, 2016
Unsupervised clustering of multivariate circular data
C Abraham, N Molinari, R Servien
Statistics in medicine 32 (8), 1376-1382, 2013
ASICS: an R package for a whole analysis workflow of 1D 1H NMR spectra
G Lefort, L Liaubet, C Canlet, P Tardivel, MC Pere, H Quesnel, A Paris, ...
Bioinformatics, btz248, 2019
TyPol-a new methodology for organic compounds clustering based on their molecular characteristics and environmental behavior
R Servien, L Mamy, Z Li, V Rossard, E Latrille, F Bessac, D Patureau, ...
Chemosphere 111, 613-622, 2014
Interpretable sparse SIR for functional data
V Picheny, R Servien, N Villa-Vialaneix
Statistics and Computing 29, 255-267, 2019
Prediction of human prenatal exposure to bisphenol A and bisphenol A glucuronide from an ovine semi-physiological toxicokinetic model
G Gauderat, N Picard-Hagen, PL Toutain, R Servien, C Viguié, S Puel, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-13, 2017
Nonparametric estimation of regression level sets using kernel plug-in estimator
T Laloë, R Servien
Journal of the Korean Statistical Society 42, 301-311, 2013
The GMO90+ Project: Absence of evidence for biologically meaningful effects of genetically modified maize-based diets on Wistar rats after 6-months feeding comparative Trial
X Coumoul, R Servien, L Juricek, Y Kaddouch-Amar, Y Lippi, L Berthelot, ...
Toxicological Sciences 168 (2), 315-338, 2019
Estimation de la fonction de répartition: revue bibliographique
R Servien
Journal de la Société Française de Statistique 150 (2), 84-104, 2009
Categorizing chlordecone potential degradation products to explore their environmental fate
P Benoit, L Mamy, R Servien, Z Li, E Latrille, V Rossard, F Bessac, ...
Science of The Total Environment 574, 781-795, 2017
Necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a limit distribution of the nearest-neighbour density estimator
AF Berlinet, R Servien
Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 23 (3), 633-643, 2011
Sparsest representations and approximations of an underdetermined linear system
PJC Tardivel, R Servien, D Concordet
Inverse Problems 34 (5), 055002, 2018
The X-Alter algorithm: a parameter-free method to perform unsupervised clustering
T Laloë, R Servien
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 12 (1), 90-102, 2013
A powerful multiple testing procedure in linear Gaussian model
P Tardivel, R Servien, D Concordet
Estimating covariate functions associated to multivariate risks: a level set approach
E Di Bernardino, T Laloë, R Servien
Metrika 78 (5), 497-526, 2015
Simple expressions of the LASSO and SLOPE estimators in low-dimension
PJC Tardivel, R Servien, D Concordet
Statistics 54 (2), 340-352, 2020
Exact asymptotic limit for kernel estimation of regression level sets
HD Dau, T Laloë, R Servien
Statistics & Probability Letters 161, 108721, 2020
A clustering Bayesian approach for multivariate non-ordered circular data
C Abraham, R Servien, N Molinari
Statistical Modelling 19 (6), 595-616, 2019
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