Michael G. Dwyer
Michael G. Dwyer
SUNY at Buffalo
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Neocortical atrophy, third ventricular width, and cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis
RHB Benedict, JM Bruce, MG Dwyer, N Abdelrahman, S Hussein, ...
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Protection against cerebral embolism during transcatheter aortic valve replacement
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Effect of a cerebral protection device on brain lesions following transcatheter aortic valve implantation in patients with severe aortic stenosis: the CLEAN-TAVI randomized …
S Haussig, N Mangner, MG Dwyer, L Lehmkuhl, C Lücke, F Woitek, ...
Jama 316 (6), 592-601, 2016
Abnormal subcortical deep-gray matter susceptibility-weighted imaging filtered phase measurements in patients with multiple sclerosis: a case-control study
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A Tekok-Kilic, RHB Benedict, B Weinstock-Guttman, MG Dwyer, D Carone, ...
Neuroimage 36 (4), 1294-1300, 2007
Relationship of optic nerve and brain conventional and non-conventional MRI measures and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness, as assessed by OCT and GDx: a pilot study
EM Frohman, MG Dwyer, T Frohman, JL Cox, A Salter, BM Greenberg, ...
Journal of the neurological sciences 282 (1-2), 96-105, 2009
Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and iron deposition on susceptibility-weighted imaging in patients with multiple sclerosis: a pilot case-control study
R Zivadinov, C Schirda, MG Dwyer, ME Haacke, B Weinstock-Guttman, ...
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Validity of the Wisconsin card sorting and Delis–Kaplan executive function system (DKEFS) sorting tests in multiple sclerosis
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Hypoperfusion of brain parenchyma is associated with the severity of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency in patients with multiple sclerosis: a cross-sectional …
P Zamboni, E Menegatti, B Weinstock-Guttman, MG Dwyer, CV Schirda, ...
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Use of MR venography for characterization of the extracranial venous system in patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy control subjects
R Zivadinov, A Lopez-Soriano, B Weinstock-Guttman, CV Schirda, ...
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Diffusion-weighted imaging predicts cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
RHB Benedict, J Bruce, MG Dwyer, B Weinstock-Guttman, C Tjoa, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 13 (6), 722-730, 2007
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