Albrecht Jander
Albrecht Jander
Associate Professor, Oregon State University
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Domain structure in CoFeB thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
M Yamanouchi, A Jander, P Dhagat, S Ikeda, F Matsukura, H Ohno
IEEE magnetics letters 2, 3000304-3000304, 2011
Magnetoresistive sensors for nondestructive evaluation
A Jander, C Smith, R Schneider
Advanced Sensor Technologies for Nondestructive Evaluation and Structural …, 2005
Giant magnetoresistance monitoring of magnetic picodroplets in an integrated microfluidic system
N Pekas, MD Porter, M Tondra, A Popple, A Jander
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Reduction of spin transfer by synthetic antiferromagnets
NC Emley, FJ Albert, EM Ryan, IN Krivorotov, DC Ralph, RA Buhrman, ...
Applied Physics Letters 84 (21), 4257-4259, 2004
Two-axis magnetic field sensor
A Jander, CA Nordman, Z Qian, CH Smith
US Patent 7,054,114, 2006
Coexistence of low damping and strong magnetoelastic coupling in epitaxial spinel ferrite thin films
S Emori, BA Gray, HM Jeon, J Peoples, M Schmitt, K Mahalingam, M Hill, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (34), 1701130, 2017
Reverse Doppler effect of magnons with negative group velocity scattered from a moving Bragg grating
AV Chumak, P Dhagat, A Jander, AA Serga, B Hillebrands
Physical Review B 81 (14), 140404, 2010
Inkjet printing of magnetic materials with aligned anisotropy
H Song, J Spencer, A Jander, J Nielsen, J Stasiak, V Kasperchik, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17E308, 2014
Chopping techniques for low-frequency nanotesla spin-dependent tunneling field sensors
A Jander, CA Nordman, AV Pohm, JM Anderson
Journal of applied physics 93 (10), 8382-8384, 2003
Impact of new magnetoresistive materials on magnetic recording heads
JA Brug, L Tran, M Bhattacharyya, JH Nickel, TC Anthony, A Jander
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Radiation tolerance of magnetic tunnel junctions with MgO tunnel barriers
F Ren, A Jander, P Dhagat, C Nordman
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 59 (6), 3034-3038, 2012
Surface acoustic wave magnetic sensor using galfenol thin film
W Li, P Dhagat, A Jander
IEEE transactions on magnetics 48 (11), 4100-4102, 2012
Acoustically assisted magnetic recording: a new paradigm in magnetic data storage
W Li, B Buford, A Jander, P Dhagat
IEEE transactions on magnetics 50 (3), 37-40, 2014
Insights into the magnetic properties of sub-10 nm iron oxide nanocrystals through the use of a continuous growth synthesis
SR Cooper, LK Plummer, AG Cosby, P Lenox, A Jander, P Dhagat, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (17), 6053-6062, 2018
A model for predicting heating of magnetoresistive heads
A Jander, RS Indeck, JA Brug, JH Nickel
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 32 (5), 3392-3394, 1996
Angular momentum and energy transferred through ferromagnetic resonance
A Jander, J Moreland, P Kabos
Applied Physics Letters 78 (16), 2348-2350, 2001
Writing magnetic patterns with surface acoustic waves
W Li, B Buford, A Jander, P Dhagat
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17E307, 2014
Three-axis magnetometers using spin-dependent tunneling: reduced size and power
M Tondra, A Jander, CA Nordman, J Anderson, Z Qian, D Wang
Unattended Ground Sensor Technologies and Applications V 5090, 208-213, 2003
IEEE Magn. Lett. 2, 3000304 (2011)
M Yamanouchi, A Jander, P Dhagat, S Ikeda, F Matsukura, H Ohno
Microfabricated tools for manipulation and analysis of magnetic microcarriers
M Tondra, A Popple, A Jander, RL Millen, N Pekas, MD Porter
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 293 (1), 725-730, 2005
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