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viktor melnik
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Low-temperature method for thermochromic high ordered VO2 phase formation
V Melnik, I Khatsevych, V Kladko, A Kuchuk, V Nikirin, B Romanyuk
Materials Letters 68, 215-217, 2012
Si Segregation into and high- gate oxides
G Lippert, J Dąbrowski, V Melnik, R Sorge, C Wenger, P Zaumseil, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (4), 042902, 2005
Oxidation of tungsten surface with reactive oxygen plasma
A Romanyuk, V Melnik, P Oelhafen
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2005
Light emission from nanocrystalline silicon clusters embedded in silicon dioxide: Role of the suboxide states
A Romanyuk, V Melnik, Y Olikh, J Biskupek, U Kaiser, M Feneberg, ...
Journal of luminescence 130 (1), 87-91, 2010
Influence of in situ ultrasound treatment during ion implantation on formation of silver nanoparticles in silica
A Romanyuk, V Spassov, V Melnik
Journal of applied physics 99 (3), 034314, 2006
Use of ultrasound for metal cluster engineering in ion implanted silicon oxide
A Romanyuk, P Oelhafen, R Kurps, V Melnik
Applied physics letters 90 (1), 013118, 2007
Thermal stability of films grown on Si(100) substrate
A Goryachko, JP Liu, D Krüger, HJ Osten, E Bugiel, R Kurps, V Melnik
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 20 (6 …, 2002
Structural transformation and functional properties of vanadium oxide films after low-temperature annealing
Y Goltvyanskyi, I Khatsevych, A Kuchuk, V Kladko, V Melnik, P Lytvyn, ...
Thin Solid Films 564, 179-185, 2014
Influence of N2/H2 plasma treatment on chemical vapor deposited TiN multilayer structures for advanced CMOS technologies
V Melnik, D Wolanski, E Bugiel, A Goryachko, S Chernjavski, D Krüger
Materials Science and Engineering: B 102 (1-3), 358-361, 2003
Diffusion and segregation of shallow As and Sb junctions in silicon
D Krüger, H Rücker, B Heinemann, V Melnik, R Kurps, D Bolze
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2004
Formation of shallow source/drain extensions for metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect-transistors by antimony implantation
H Rücker, B Heinemann, R Barth, D Bolze, V Melnik, D Krüger, R Kurps
Applied physics letters 82 (5), 826-828, 2003
Characteristics of silicon p–n junction formed by ion implantation with in situ ultrasound treatment
VP Melnik, YM Olikh, VG Popov, BM Romanyuk, YV Goltvyanskii, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 124, 327-330, 2005
Effects of various Co/TiN and Co/Ti layer stacks and the salicide rapid thermal process conditions on cobalt silicide formation
S Buschbaum, O Fursenko, D Bolze, D Wolansky, V Melnik, J Nieß, ...
Microelectronic engineering 76 (1-4), 311-317, 2004
Influence of in situ ultrasound treatment during ion implantation on amorphization and junction formation in silicon
D Krüger, B Romanyuk, V Melnik, Y Olikh, R Kurps
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2002
Structure of the modified surface layer formed by ion bombardment of SiO2 films
IP Lisovskii, VG Litovchenko, VB Lozinskii, VP Melnik, SI Frolov
Thin solid films 247 (2), 264-270, 1994
Stimulated oxygen impurity gettering under ultra-shallow junction formation in silicon
O Oberemok, V Kladko, V Litovchenko, B Romanyuk, V Popov, V Melnik, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 29 (5), 055008, 2014
Transformation of the structure of silicon oxide during the formation of Si nanoinclusions under thermal annealings
IP Lisovskyy, MV Voitovych, AV Sarikov, VG Litovchenko, AB Romanyuk, ...
Ukr J Phys 54 (4), 383-90, 2009
Effect of low-temperature treatments on photoluminescence enhancement of ion-beam synthesized Si nanocrystals in SiO₂ matrix
I Khatsevich, V Melnik, V Popov, B Romanyuk, V Fedulov
Semiconductor Physics Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 2008
Enhanced relaxation of SiGe layers by He implantation supported by in situ ultrasonic treatments
B Romanjuk, V Kladko, V Melnik, V Popov, V Yukhymchuk, A Gudymenko, ...
Materials science in semiconductor processing 8 (1-3), 171-175, 2005
Effect of oxygen on ion-beam induced synthesis of SiC in silicon
VV Artamonov, MY Valakh, NI Klyui, VP Melnik, AB Romanyuk, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 1999
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