Michael Riediker
Michael Riediker
Director, SCOEH (Swiss Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health)
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Particulate matter exposure in cars is associated with cardiovascular effects in healthy young men
M Riediker, WE Cascio, TR Griggs, MC Herbst, PA Bromberg, L Neas, ...
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Oxidative stress and inflammation response after nanoparticle exposure: differences between human lung cell monocultures and an advanced three-dimensional model of the human …
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Interlaboratory comparison of size measurements on nanoparticles using nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA)
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Cardiovascular effects in patrol officers are associated with fine particulate matter from brake wear and engine emissions
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Bern, Switzerland: Federal office for public health and federal office for …, 2010
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Cardiovascular effects of fine particulate matter components in highway patrol officers
M Riediker
Inhalation toxicology 19 (sup1), 99-105, 2007
Inventory of engineered nanoparticle-containing consumer products available in the Singapore retail market and likelihood of release into the aquatic environment
Y Zhang, YR Leu, RJ Aitken, M Riediker
International journal of environmental research and public health 12 (8 …, 2015
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