Erik Nilsen
Erik Nilsen
Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech
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Bioassays and field studies for allelopathy in terrestrial plants: progress and problems
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Stem photosynthesis: extent, patterns, and role in plant carbon economy
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Does Rhododendron maximum L.(Ericaceae) reduce the availability of resources above and belowground for canopy tree seedlings?
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Analysis of spatial patterns and spatial association between the invasive tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima) and the native black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)
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Ecological Monographs 51 (3), 323-341, 1981
Environmental and physiological factors influencing the natural distribution of evergreen and deciduous ericaceous shrubs on northeast‐and southwest‐facing slopes of the …
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Summer water relations of the desert phreatophyte Prosopis glandulosa in the Sonoran desert of southern California
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Effect of low-frequency magnetic fields on brain electrical activity in human subjects
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The impact of subcanopy light environment on the hydraulic vulnerability of Rhododendron maximum to freeze‐thaw cycles and drought
CC Lipp, ET Nilsen
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Quantitative phenology and leaf survivorship of Rhododendron maximum in contrasting irradiance environments of the southern Appalachian mountains
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Patterns of stem photosynthesis in two invasive legumes (Spartium junceum, Cytisus scoparius) of the California coastal region
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Suppression of ectomycorrhizae on canopy tree seedlings in Rhododendron maximum L.(Ericaceae) thickets in the southern Appalachians
JF Walker, OK Miller Jr, T Lei, S Semones, E Nilsen, BD Clinton
Mycorrhiza 9 (1), 49-56, 1999
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