Shuba, Yaroslav
Shuba, Yaroslav
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Calcium in tumour metastasis: new roles for known actors
N Prevarskaya, R Skryma, Y Shuba
Nature Reviews Cancer 11 (8), 609-618, 2011
Ion channels and the hallmarks of cancer
N Prevarskaya, R Skryma, Y Shuba
Trends in molecular medicine 16 (3), 107-121, 2010
Ion channels in cancer: are cancer hallmarks oncochannelopathies?
N Prevarskaya, R Skryma, Y Shuba
Physiological reviews 98 (2), 559-621, 2018
Remodelling of Ca2+ transport in cancer: how it contributes to cancer hallmarks?
N Prevarskaya, H Ouadid-Ahidouch, R Skryma, Y Shuba
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …, 2014
Bcl-2-dependent modulation of Ca2+ homeostasis and store-operated channels in prostate cancer cells
FV Abeele, R Skryma, Y Shuba, F Van Coppenolle, C Slomianny, ...
Cancer cell 1 (2), 169-179, 2002
Differential role of transient receptor potential channels in Ca2+ entry and proliferation of prostate cancer epithelial cells
S Thebault, M Flourakis, K Vanoverberghe, F Vandermoere, ...
Cancer research 66 (4), 2038-2047, 2006
Orai1 contributes to the establishment of an apoptosis-resistant phenotype in prostate cancer cells
M Flourakis, V Lehen'Kyi, B Beck, M Raphael, M Vandenberghe, ...
Cell death & disease 1 (9), e75-e75, 2010
Remodeling of channel-forming ORAI proteins determines an oncogenic switch in prostate cancer
C Dubois, FV Abeele, V Lehen’kyi, D Gkika, B Guarmit, G Lepage, ...
Cancer cell 26 (1), 19-32, 2014
Two ion-selecting filters in the calcium channel of the somatic membrane of mollusc neurons
P Kostyuk, S Mironov, Y Shuba
Journal of Membrane Biology 76, 83-93, 1983
Prostate cell differentiation status determines transient receptor potential melastatin member 8 channel subcellular localization and function
G Bidaux, M Flourakis, S Thebault, A Zholos, B Beck, D Gkika, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 117 (6), 1647-1657, 2007
Novel role of cold/menthol-sensitive transient receptor potential melastatine family member 8 (TRPM8) in the activation of store-operated channels in LNCaP human prostate …
S Thebault, L Lemonnier, G Bidaux, M Flourakis, A Bavencoffe, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (47), 39423-39435, 2005
Ca2+-independent phospholipase A2-dependent gating of TRPM8 by lysophospholipids
FV Abeele, A Zholos, G Bidaux, Y Shuba, S Thebault, B Beck, M Flourakis, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 281 (52), 40174-40182, 2006
Ca2+ homeostasis and apoptotic resistance of neuroendocrine-differentiated prostate cancer cells
K Vanoverberghe, F Vanden Abeele, P Mariot, G Lepage, M Roudbaraki, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 11 (3), 321-330, 2004
Store depletion and store-operated Ca2+ current in human prostate cancer LNCaP cells: involvement in apoptosis
R Skryma, P Mariot, X Le Bourhis, F Van Coppenolle, Y Shuba, ...
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Ion channels in death and differentiation of prostate cancer cells
N Prevarskaya, R Skryma, G Bidaux, M Flourakis, Y Shuba
Cell Death & Differentiation 14 (7), 1295-1304, 2007
Bcl-2-Dependent Modulation of Swelling-Activated Cl Current and ClC-3 Expression in Human Prostate Cancer Epithelial Cells
L Lemonnier, Y Shuba, A Crepin, M Roudbaraki, C Slomianny, B Mauroy, ...
Cancer Research 64 (14), 4841-4848, 2004
Store-operated Ca2+ channels in prostate cancer epithelial cells: function, regulation, and role in carcinogenesis
FV Abeele, Y Shuba, M Roudbaraki, L Lemonnier, K Vanoverberghe, ...
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Three types of calcium channels in the membrane of mouse sensory neurons
P Kostyuk, Y Shuba, A Savchenko
Pflugers Archiv 411, 661-669, 1988
Two types of store-operated Ca2+ channels with different activation modes and molecular origin in LNCaP human prostate cancer epithelial cells
FV Abeele, L Lemonnier, S Thébault, G Lepage, JB Parys, Y Shuba, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (29), 30326-30337, 2004
Tandem‐pore domain potassium channels are functionally expressed in retinal (Müller) glial cells
SN Skatchkov, MJ Eaton, YM Shuba, YV Kucheryavykh, C Derst, RW Veh, ...
Glia 53 (3), 266-276, 2006
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