Michal Mruczkiewicz
Michal Mruczkiewicz
Slovak Academy of Sciences: SAS
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Magnonic band structures in two-dimensional bi-component magnonic crystals with in-plane magnetization
M Krawczyk, S Mamica, M Mruczkiewicz, JW Klos, S Tacchi, M Madami, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (49), 495003, 2013
Nonreciprocity of spin waves in metallized magnonic crystal
M Mruczkiewicz, M Krawczyk, G Gubbiotti, S Tacchi, YA Filimonov, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (11), 113023, 2013
Proposal for a standard micromagnetic problem: Spin wave dispersion in a magnonic waveguide
G Venkat, D Kumar, M Franchin, O Dmytriiev, M Mruczkiewicz, H Fangohr, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 49 (1), 524-529, 2012
Standing spin waves in magnonic crystals
M Mruczkiewicz, M Krawczyk, VK Sakharov, YV Khivintsev, YA Filimonov, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (9), 093908, 2013
Observation of magnonic band gaps in magnonic crystals with nonreciprocal dispersion relation
M Mruczkiewicz, ES Pavlov, SL Vysotsky, M Krawczyk, YA Filimonov, ...
Physical Review B 90 (17), 174416, 2014
Pinning and hysteresis in the field dependent diameter evolution of skyrmions in Pt/Co/Ir superlattice stacks
K Zeissler, M Mruczkiewicz, S Finizio, J Raabe, PM Shepley, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-9, 2017
Spin excitation spectrum in a magnetic nanodot with continuous transitions between the vortex, Bloch-type skyrmion, and Néel-type skyrmion states
M Mruczkiewicz, M Krawczyk, KY Guslienko
Physical Review B 95 (9), 094414, 2017
Nonreciprocal dispersion of spin waves in ferromagnetic thin films covered with a finite-conductivity metal
M Mruczkiewicz, M Krawczyk
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (11), 113909, 2014
Towards high-frequency negative permeability using magnonic crystals in metamaterial design
M Mruczkiewicz, M Krawczyk, RV Mikhaylovskiy, VV Kruglyak
Physical Review B 86 (2), 024425, 2012
Collective dynamical skyrmion excitations in a magnonic crystal
M Mruczkiewicz, P Gruszecki, M Zelent, M Krawczyk
Physical Review B 93 (17), 174429, 2016
Magnonic band gaps in YIG-based one-dimensional magnonic crystals: An array of grooves versus an array of metallic stripes
VD Bessonov, M Mruczkiewicz, R Gieniusz, U Guzowska, A Maziewski, ...
Physical Review B 91 (10), 104421, 2015
Spin-wave nonreciprocity and magnonic band structure in a thin permalloy film induced by dynamical coupling with an array of Ni stripes
M Mruczkiewicz, P Graczyk, P Lupo, A Adeyeye, G Gubbiotti, M Krawczyk
Physical Review B 96 (10), 104411, 2017
Magnonic crystals—prospective structures for shaping spin waves in nanoscale
J Rychły, P Gruszecki, M Mruczkiewicz, JW Kłos, S Mamica, M Krawczyk
Low Temperature Physics 41 (10), 745-759, 2015
Spin waves in one-dimensional bicomponent magnonic quasicrystals
J Rychły, JW Kłos, M Mruczkiewicz, M Krawczyk
Physical Review B 92 (5), 054414, 2015
Influence of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on the FMR spectrum of magnonic crystals and confined structures
M Mruczkiewicz, M Krawczyk
Physical Review B 94 (2), 024434, 2016
Azimuthal spin-wave excitations in magnetic nanodots over the soliton background: Vortex, Bloch, and Néel-like skyrmions
M Mruczkiewicz, P Gruszecki, M Krawczyk, KY Guslienko
Physical Review B 97 (6), 064418, 2018
Time-resolved measurement of spin-wave spectra in CoO capped [Co(t)/Pt(7Å)]n-1 Co(t) multilayer systems
S Pal, B Rana, S Saha, R Mandal, O Hellwig, J Romero-Vivas, S Mamica, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 07C507, 2012
Magnonic Bandgaps in Metalized 1-D YIG Magnonic Crystals
M Mruczkiewicz, ES Pavlov, SL Vysotskii, M Krawczyk, YA Filimonov, ...
Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 50 (11), 2014
Calculation of spin wave spectra in magnetic nanograins and patterned multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy
M Krawczyk, S Mamica, JW Kłos, J Romero-Vivas, M Mruczkiewicz, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (11), 113903, 2011
Optimization of spin-wave propagation with enhanced group velocities by exchange-coupled ferrimagnet-ferromagnet bilayers
K An, VS Bhat, M Mruczkiewicz, C Dubs, D Grundler
Physical Review Applied 11 (3), 034065, 2019
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