Carl Stephen Hellberg
Carl Stephen Hellberg
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A Group-IV Ferromagnetic Semiconductor: MnxGe1−x
YD Park, AT Hanbicki, SC Erwin, CS Hellberg, JM Sullivan, JE Mattson, ...
Science 295 (5555), 651-654, 2002
Nanoscale control of an interfacial metal–insulator transition at room temperature
C Cen, S Thiel, G Hammerl, CW Schneider, KE Andersen, CS Hellberg, ...
Nature materials 7 (4), 298-302, 2008
LaAlO3 stoichiometry is key to electron liquid formation at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces
MP Warusawithana, C Richter, JA Mundy, P Roy, J Ludwig, S Paetel, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-9, 2013
What superconducts in sulfur hydrides under pressure and why
N Bernstein, CS Hellberg, MD Johannes, II Mazin, MJ Mehl
Physical Review B 91 (6), 060511, 2015
Phase Separation at all Interaction Strengths in the t-J Model
CS Hellberg, E Manousakis
Physical review letters 78 (24), 4609, 1997
Electron pairing without superconductivity
G Cheng, M Tomczyk, S Lu, JP Veazey, M Huang, P Irvin, S Ryu, H Lee, ...
Nature 521 (7551), 196-199, 2015
Double Indirect Interlayer Exciton in a MoSe2/WSe2 van der Waals Heterostructure
AT Hanbicki, HJ Chuang, MR Rosenberger, CS Hellberg, SV Sivaram, ...
ACS nano 12 (5), 4719-4726, 2018
Stripes and the t-J Model
CS Hellberg, E Manousakis
Physical review letters 83 (1), 132, 1999
Phase diagram of the one-dimensional t-J model from variational theory
CS Hellberg, EJ Mele
Physical review letters 67 (15), 2080, 1991
Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of MnO
JE Pask, DJ Singh, II Mazin, CS Hellberg, J Kortus
Physical Review B 64 (2), 024403, 2001
Twist angle-dependent atomic reconstruction and moiré patterns in transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures
MR Rosenberger, HJ Chuang, M Phillips, VP Oleshko, KM McCreary, ...
ACS nano 14 (4), 4550-4558, 2020
Density functional studies of single molecule magnets
J Kortus, MR Pederson, T Baruah, N Bernstein, CS Hellberg
Polyhedron 22 (14-17), 1871-1876, 2003
Hamiltonian of the Spin System from First-Principles Density-Functional Calculations
J Kortus, CS Hellberg, MR Pederson
Physical review letters 86 (15), 3400, 2001
Optically mapping the electronic structure of coupled quantum dots
M Scheibner, M Yakes, AS Bracker, IV Ponomarev, MF Doty, CS Hellberg, ...
Nature Physics 4 (4), 291-295, 2008
T. f. Ambrose, A. Wilson, G. Spanos, and BT Jonker
YD Park, AT Hanbicki, SC Erwin, CS Hellberg, JM Sullivan, JE Matson
Science 295, 651, 2002
Quantum simulation of multiple-exciton generation in a nanocrystal by a single photon
WM Witzel, A Shabaev, CS Hellberg, VL Jacobs, AL Efros
Physical review letters 105 (13), 137401, 2010
Quantum-dot cluster-state computing with encoded qubits
YS Weinstein, CS Hellberg, J Levy
Physical Review A 72 (2), 020304, 2005
Ferroelectric distortion in thin films on by x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy: Experiment and first-principles calculations
JC Woicik, EL Shirley, CS Hellberg, KE Andersen, S Sambasivan, ...
Physical Review B 75 (14), 140103, 2007
Anomalous lattice expansion of coherently strained thin films grown on by kinetically controlled sequential deposition
JC Woicik, H Li, P Zschack, E Karapetrova, P Ryan, CR Ashman, ...
Physical Review B 73 (2), 024112, 2006
In‐situ measurements of lattice expansion related to defect generation during flash sintering
JM Lebrun, CS Hellberg, SK Jha, WM Kriven, A Steveson, KC Seymour, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 100 (11), 4965-4970, 2017
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