Nguyen Tien Son
Nguyen Tien Son
professor i semiconductor physics, Linköping University
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Coherent control of single spins in silicon carbide at room temperature
M Widmann, SY Lee, T Rendler, NT Son, H Fedder, S Paik, LP Yang, ...
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Isolated electron spins in silicon carbide with millisecond coherence times
DJ Christle, AL Falk, P Andrich, PV Klimov, JU Hassan, NT Son, E Janzén, ...
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Divacancy in 4H-SiC
NT Son, P Carlsson, J Ul Hassan, E Janzén, T Umeda, J Isoya, A Gali, ...
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Electrically active defects in n-type 4H–silicon carbide grown in a vertical hot-wall reactor
J Zhang, L Storasta, JP Bergman, NT Son, E Janzén
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Negative- System of Carbon Vacancy in -SiC
NT Son, XT Trinh, LS Løvlie, BG Svensson, K Kawahara, J Suda, ...
Physical review letters 109 (18), 187603, 2012
Growth of SiC by “Hot‐Wall” CVD and HTCVD
O Kordina, C Hallin, A Henry, JP Bergman, I Ivanov, A Ellison, NT Son, ...
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Electron effective masses in 4H SiC
NT Son, WM Chen, O Kordina, AO Konstantinov, B Monemar, E Janzén, ...
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Isolated spin qubits in SiC with a high-fidelity infrared spin-to-photon interface
DJ Christle, PV Klimov, F Charles, K Szász, V Ivády, V Jokubavicius, ...
Physical Review X 7 (2), 021046, 2017
Carbon vacancy-related defect in 4H and 6H SiC
NT Son, PN Hai, E Janzén
Physical Review B 63 (20), 201201, 2001
Ab initio density-functional supercell calculations of hydrogen defects in cubic SiC
B Aradi, A Gali, P Deák, JE Lowther, NT Son, E Janzén, WJ Choyke
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Determination of the electron effective-mass tensor in 4H SiC
D Volm, BK Meyer, DM Hofmann, WM Chen, NT Son, C Persson, ...
Physical Review B 53 (23), 15409, 1996
Electron effective masses and mobilities in high‐purity 6H–SiC chemical vapor deposition layers
NT Son, O Kordina, AO Konstantinov, WM Chen, E Sörman, B Monemar, ...
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Aggregation of carbon interstitials in silicon carbide: A theoretical study
A Gali, P Deák, P Ordejón, NT Son, E Janzén, WJ Choyke
Physical Review B 68 (12), 125201, 2003
Scalable quantum photonics with single color centers in silicon carbide
M Radulaski, M Widmann, M Niethammer, JL Zhang, SY Lee, T Rendler, ...
Nano letters 17 (3), 1782-1786, 2017
Identification of the Carbon Antisite-Vacancy Pair in -SiC
T Umeda, NT Son, J Isoya, E Janzén, T Ohshima, N Morishita, H Itoh, ...
Physical review letters 96 (14), 145501, 2006
High-fidelity spin and optical control of single silicon-vacancy centres in silicon carbide
R Nagy, M Niethammer, M Widmann, YC Chen, P Udvarhelyi, C Bonato, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-8, 2019
Correlation between the antisite pair and the D I center in SiC
A Gali, P Deák, E Rauls, NT Son, IG Ivanov, FHC Carlsson, E Janzén, ...
Physical Review B 67 (15), 155203, 2003
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