R. M. Martynyak, Р. М. Мартиняк, Р. М. Мартыняк
R. M. Martynyak, Р. М. Мартиняк, Р. М. Мартыняк
head of department of contact mechanics, Pidstyhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and
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Discontinuous contact of an anisotropic half-plane and a rigid base with disturbed surface
RM Shvets, RM Martynyak, AA Kryshtafovych
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RM Martynyak
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R Martynyak, K Chumak
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RM Martynyak
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RM Martynyak
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AA Krishtafovich, RM Martynyak
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Thermoelastic contact interaction of bodies in the presence of surface thermophysical irregularities
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Shear of two half planes pressed to each other and containing a surface groove. Part 1. Full contact
RM Martynyak, NI Malanchuk, BE Monastyrs' kyi
Materials Science 41 (2), 178-185, 2005
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