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Patrick O'Connor
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Writing scientific research articles: Strategy and steps
M Cargill, P O'Connor
John Wiley & Sons, 2021
Arbuscular mycorrhizas influence plant diversity and community structure in a semiarid herbland
PJ O’Connor, SE Smith, FA Smith
New Phytologist 154 (1), 209-218, 2002
Making monitoring meaningful
SA Field, PJ O'CONNOR, AJ Tyre, HP Possingham
Austral Ecology 32 (5), 485-491, 2007
A mutant in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. with highly reduced VA mycorrhizal colonization: isolation and preliminary characterisation
SJ Barker, B Stummer, L Gao, I Dispain, PJ O’connor, SE Smith
The Plant Journal 15 (6), 791-797, 1998
The effects of sand stabilization and revegetation on cryptogam species diversity and soil fertility in the Tengger Desert, Northern China
XR Li, HY Zhou, XP Wang, YG Zhu, PJ O'conner
Plant and Soil 251 (2), 237-245, 2003
Developing Chinese scientists’ skills for publishing in English: Evaluating collaborating-colleague workshops based on genre analysis
M Cargill, P O’Connor
Journal of English for Academic Purposes 5 (3), 207-221, 2006
Educating Chinese scientists to write for international journals: Addressing the divide between science and technology education and English language teaching
M Cargill, P O’Connor, Y Li
English for Specific Purposes 31 (1), 60-69, 2012
Arbuscular mycorrhizal associations in the southern Simpson Desert
PJ O'Connor, SE Smith, FA Smith
Australian Journal of Botany 49 (4), 493-499, 2001
C: N: P stoichiometry and specific growth rate of clover colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
MM Chen, HB Yin, P O’Connor, YS Wang, YG Zhu
Plant and soil 326 (1), 21-29, 2010
Improving the efficiency of wildlife monitoring by estimating detectability: a case study of foxes (Vulpes vulpes) on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
SA Field, AJ Tyre, KH Thorn, PJ O’Connor, HP Possingham
Wildlife Research 32 (3), 253-258, 2005
Effects of Arsenic on Gut Microbiota and Its Biotransformation Genes in Earthworm Metaphire sieboldi
HT Wang, D Zhu, G Li, F Zheng, J Ding, PJ O’Connor, YG Zhu, XM Xue
Environmental science & technology 53 (7), 3841-3849, 2019
Getting research published in English: Towards a curriculum design model for developing skills and enhancing outcomes
M Cargill, P O'Connor
Universidad de la Laguna, 2006
Trophic transfer of antibiotic resistance genes in a soil detritus food chain
D Zhu, Q Xiang, XR Yang, X Ke, P O’Connor, YG Zhu
Environmental science & technology 53 (13), 7770-7781, 2019
Identifying the causes of low participation rates in conservation tenders
J Rolfe, S Schilizzi, P Boxall, U Latacz-Lohmann, S Iftekhar, M Star, ...
International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics 12 (1), 1-45, 2018
Adsorbed sulfamethoxazole exacerbates the effects of polystyrene (∼ 2 μm) on gut microbiota and the antibiotic resistome of a soil collembolan
Q Xiang, D Zhu, QL Chen, P O’Connor, XR Yang, M Qiao, YG Zhu
Environmental science & technology 53 (21), 12823-12834, 2019
Preparing Chinese graduate students of science facing an international publication requirement for graduation: Adapting an intensive workshop approach for early-candidature use
M Cargill, X Gao, X Wang, P O'Connor
English for Specific Purposes 52, 13-26, 2018
Do combined nanoscale polystyrene and tetracycline impact on the incidence of resistance genes and microbial community disturbance in Enchytraeus crypticus?
J Ma, GD Sheng, QL Chen, P O’Connor
Journal of hazardous materials 387, 122012, 2020
Effects of earthworms on the microbiomes and antibiotic resistomes of detritus fauna and phyllospheres
D Zhu, J Ding, Y Yin, X Ke, P O’Connor, YG Zhu
Environmental science & technology 54 (10), 6000-6008, 2020
Soil oxytetracycline exposure alters the microbial community and enhances the abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in the gut of Enchytraeus crypticus
J Ma, D Zhu, GD Sheng, P O'Connor, YG Zhu
Science of the total environment 673, 357-366, 2019
Prescribed burning impacts avian diversity and disadvantages woodland-specialist birds unless long-unburnt habitat is retained
TAA Prowse, SJ Collard, A Blackwood, PJ O'Connor, S Delean, M Barnes, ...
Biological conservation 215, 268-276, 2017
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